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Hot Lips Page - After Hours in Harlem (1940-1941)

Исполнитель: Hot Lips Page
Название альбома: After Hours in Harlem
Год выпуска: 1973, Onyx Records
Формат файлов: Mp3, 192
Размер архива: 77 Mb
Скачать с: rusfolder

From a historic standpoint, this is a significant CD reissue (a straight reproduction of a long-out-of-print Onyx Lp from 1973), but the shaky recording quality makes it of primary interest to serious jazz record collectors. The great swing trumpeter and vocalist Hot Lips Page is heard in several live jam sessions during 1940-41 that were saved for history by Jerry Newman, a college student who owned portable disc recording equipment. The first four selections, recorded in Newman's apartment during a party, matches trumpeter Page in a trio with tenor saxophonist Herbie Fields and pianist Donald Lambert. While Lambert, who rarely recorded, was a great stride player, Fields was just a so-so and overly heated tenorman, and he sometimes gets in the way. The other five numbers feature Page jamming in a club (possibly Monroe's Uptown House) with musicians who vary greatly in quality. The young Thelonious Monk is heard at the beginning of his career, but he is only on two numbers, sounding surprisingly influenced by Earl Hines during his short spots. Guitarist Tiny Grimes on "I've Found a New Baby" shows off the strong influence of Charlie Christian, while trumpeter Joe Guy does his best but is overshadowed by Page; other saxophonists pass through without making much of an impression. Actually, the most remarkable moments during this CD are Page's brilliant scat singing on "Konk," sounding like an extension of Leo Watson. Interesting and historic music, but not essential.
Scott Yanow, AMG

Recorded 1940
A1. Got Rhythm 4:54
A2. I'm In The Mood For Love 3:22
A3. Dinah 7:58
A4. Tea For Two 6:59
A5. I've Found A New Baby 3:23
B1. Sweet Georgia Brown 5:22
B2. Old Yazoo 5:57
B3. Topsy 7:01
B4. Konk 8:49

Tr. A1-A4 recorded 1940.
Tr. A5, B1-B4 recorded 1941.

Alto Saxophone – Rudy Williams (tracks: B2)
Guitar – Tiny Grimes (tracks: A5)
Piano – Donald Lambert (tracks: A1-4), Thelonious Monk (tracks: B1,B3)
Tenor Saxophone – Herbie Fields (tracks: A1-4)
Trumpet – Hot Lips Page (tracks: A1-5,B1-4), Joe Guy (tracks: A5,B1-3)
Vocals – Joe Guy (tracks: B1)



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