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Gypsy Jazz Caravan - Sinister Amusement (2008) re-up

Исполнитель: Gypsy Jazz Caravan
Название альбома: Sinister Amusement
Год выпуска: 2008
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 112,7 MB
Скачать с: depositfiles

Gypsy Jazz Caravan is a New York City based acoustic ensemble that plays Hot Jazz inspired by the music of legendary French Gypsy guitarist, Django Reinhardt, and jazz violinist, Stephane Grappelli. Gypsy Jazz Caravan’s extensive repertoire includes swing standards, ballads, bossa novas, tangos, waltzes and a growing number of original compositions. The lineup includes: NY veteran guitarist, Marc Daine, who has recorded for RCA records and toured with the Broadway show, “Big River”; virtuoso violinist, Rob Thomas, who JazzTimes calls "a violinist of exceptional creative resources... riveting as a solo voice with a rich complex tone that can sing or shriek"; bassist, Mike Weatherly, who has performed for President Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, and Pope John Paul II and top NY Gypsy Swing rhythm guitarist, Glenn Tosto.

Is it Gypsy Jazz? Is it acoustic string swing? Who knows?-who really cares?-all that matters is that when this band\'s having a good night, I can swear, it feels like we\'re on the verge of taking off and flying around the club. Kind of scarey-Sort of like catching a wave that might just be too big to ride. Hey-maybe it\'s Gypsy Surf Music. Anyway we recorded most of this thing live at gigs and I think we might have gotten a couple of those special dangerous wipeout moments on disc. Watch out for the riptide. Marc Dannenhirsch NY May 2008

Guitarist Marc Daine has been playing jazz around NYC since 1970. He graduated from New York City's Queens College with a major in music and has studied privately-classical guitar with Elana Valdi, and jazz guitar with Howard Morgan, Joe Monk and Steve Khan.
Marc has recorded for RCA records as a member of the band "Steel Angel," and performed with the national tour of the Broadway musical "Big River." His guitar, banjo and mandolin playing has been heard on numerous national commercial jingles, including: Dodge Trucks, Country Time Lemonade and Post Cereals. Marc has performed backing up a diverse array of talent including: Cindy Lauper, Allen Tousaint, Shawn Colvin, Curtis Steigers, Eddie Fisher and Suzanne Summers.
His first CD "The Unified Cornfield Theory," was an unusual instrumental coupling of swing jazz and country music. In 2006 he released released a CD of his original music written in the style of the great Django Reinhardt, entitled "Pour les Zazous"with his band "The Gypsy Jazz Caravan."

01. Minor Infestation
02. Go Shopping
03. For Tina
04. Liza
05. Body and Soul
06. Coconut Sunscreen
07. Cats and Dogs
08. Pretty Little Analogue
09. Sinister Amusement
10. Stomp
11. Menage a Trois
12. Major Infestation

Marc Daine - Lead Guitar
Rob Thomas - Violin
Mike Weatherly - String Bass
Glenn Tosto - Rhythm Guitar



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