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Grant Stewart & Fabio Miano - Namely You (2019)

Исполнитель: Grant Stewart, Fabio Miano
Название альбома: Namely You
Год выпуска: 2019
Формат файлов: mp3, 320 cbr
Размер архива: 135,8 mb
Скачать с: rapidgator.net

The line-up led by Grant Stewart and Fabio Miano counts as Austrian drummer Bernd Reiter and the young French double bassist Clément Daldosso. Combo formed by precocious musicians and with a journey to reach the highest levels of excellence. The quartet, with a solid background, rolls with ease through the mainstream but without being accommodated. Stewart, brilliant tenor saxophone with powerful incisive swing that seeks more and better expressiveness, is a featured figure in the international scene. With 18 recordings as leader and praised by Lou Donaldson, George Coleman, Clark Terry and Jimmy Cobb, with whom he has played and recorded. Nothing more to add ...

Fabio Miano, admired pianist and jazzteacher is a fine stylist of the "comping" and excellent improviser. Italian of origin, formed in Canada, Brussels and resident in Alicante, jazz connoisseur on both sides of the Atlantic, has a global and contemporary language, a serene tempo, a solid discourse, complex and full of nuances. Miano has a very scarce discography, but with recordings of great interest.

The accomplice empathy among the leaders is the basis for this great recording. In this context creativity springs up naturally, with smooth transitions, there is no imperative leadership and Jazz flows with joyful fluidity.

01. Namely You
02. Straight Street
03. Laura
04. Amsterdam After Dark
05. I Believe in You
06. Somewhere in the Night
07. The Shadow of Your Smile
08. All by Myself



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