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Glenn Miller - The Secret Broadcasts (3 CD Set) (1944)

Исполнитель: Glenn Miller
Название альбома: The Secret Broadcasts
Год выпуска: 1996, RCA Victor
Формат файлов: Mp3, 320
Размер архива: CD 1 - 124 Mb, CD 2 - 129 Mb, CD 3 - 128 Mb
Скачать с: rusfolder

Как напомнил нам коллега Asmadey, 80 лет назад, при перелете из Англии во Францию погиб Олтон Гленн Миллер.
Памяти великого музыканта.

Although it's not unusual for record labels to apply some ballyhoo techniques to their promotional campaigns, it does seem especially misleading that RCA chose to cloak its most recent Glenn Miller release in a mantle of mystery. As a follow-up to the well-received British set, The Lost Recordings, The Secret Broadcasts offers a collection of 74 additional wartime transcriptions recorded between March and June 1944, and intended solely for broadcast to servicemen both here and abroad. What is particularly disturbing about the use of the words "lost" and "secret" is that this material has been in wide circulation for many decades, appearing not only on such independent labels as Nostalgia, Rarities, Hep, Magic, Soundcraft, Swing World, Jazz Hour, Big Band Gems, and Jazz Band, but on British and French RCA as well. Given the easy availability of relevant discographies there is simply no excuse for RCA's deceptive choice of titles.

With authority granted him by the Army Air Force, Captain Miller was able to assemble the most qualified musicians in the service, thereby resulting in the formation of the best and most ambitious orchestra of his career. The men comprising the 17-piece, brass/reeds/rhythm core group and the supplementary 21-man string section were drawn from the leading big bands and symphony orchestras of the day, thus assuring a level of experience far beyond anything to be heard in the then draft-ravaged civilian world. Though jazz was never Miller's major suit, he was smart enough to understand the tastes of his captive, homesick audience. Thus, wherever possible, he gave solo space to such hot jazzmen as trumpeters Bernie Privin, Bobby Nichols, and Zeke Zarchy, clarinetist Peanuts Hucko, altoman Hank Freeman, tenormen Vince Carbone and Jack Ferrier, and pianist Mel Powell, guitarist Carmen Mastren, bassist Trigger Alpert, and drummer Ray McKinley. While the majority of the arrangements are by Jerry Gray, there are also several choice contributions by Powell, Bill Finegan, and others.

Even in prewar years, it was Miller's intention to have a band that played all types of popular music, not just swing. Consequently, when he called a jitterbug-tempoed riff tune, he had his carefully sculpted arrangements uppermost in mind, with his soloists being afforded only so much space as was necessary for variety and lift. Generally speaking, the same priorities were maintained with the wartime band, only here there was a loosening up on the jazz prohibitions and a compensatory emphasis on sweet, semi-symphonic sounds as produced by the strings. Besides the high caliber instrumental work, there are also the vocals of young Johnny Desmond, who is featured on "Moon Dreams," "Suddenly It's Spring," "A Lovely Way To Spend The Evening," "Speak Low," "Now I Know," and high class pop tunes.

Out of the 74 tracks almost half are jazz-based swingers of one kind or another, the most outstanding being Powell's "Mission To Moscow" and "Bubble Bath" and Fletcher Henderson's "Stealin' Apples," all Goodman-based showcases for Hucko. Of equal interest are Gray's "Everybody Loves My Baby," "Blue Is The Night," "Farewell Blues," and "String Of Pearls;" Powell's impressionistic, Debussy/Bix-tinged "Pearls On Velvet;" the Basie-inspired "Here We Go Again," "It Must Be Jelly," "Enlisted Men's Mess," "9:20 Special," and "Jeep Jockey Jump;" and Finegan's relaxed takes on "Oh, Lady Be Good!" and "Rhapsody In Blue," like "String Of Pearls" an opportunity for Privin to shine in the Hackett mode.
Jack Sohmer, http://jazztimes.com/

CD 1
01. I Sustain the Wings
02. Mission to Moscow
03. The Music Stopped
04. Long Tall Mama
05. Beautiful Blue Danube
06. I've Got a Heart Filled with Love (For You Dear)
07. Summertime
08. Caribbean Clipper
09. Irresistible You
10. Our Waltz
11. Everybody Loves My Baby
12. Along the Santa Fe Trail
13. Keep 'Em Flying
14. Songs My Mother Taught Me
15. Over There!
16. Pearls on Velvet
17. My Blue Heaven
18. Here We Go Again
19. Moon Dreams
20. Oh, Lady Be Good!
21. Begin the Beguine
22. Caprice Viennois
23. Tuxedo Junction
24. The Squadron Song
25. Stompin' at the Savoy
26. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
27. I Sustain the Wings

CD 2
01. I Sustain the Wings
02. Bubble Bath
03. The Way You Look Tonight
04. Going My Way
05. Snafu Jump
06. Rhapsody in Blue
07. Oh What a Beautiful Mornin'
08. In the Gloaming
09. In the Mood
10. Suddenly It's Spring
11. The Dipsy Doodle
12. Star Dust
13. (There'll Be a) Hot Time in Town of Berlin
14. Blue Is the Night
15. Tail-End Charlie
16. I Love You
17. American Patrol
18. All the Things You Are
19. Put Your Arms around Me Honey
20. A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening
21. 7-0-5
22. Going' Home
23. Don't Be That Way
24. With My Head in the Clouds
25. Farewell Blues
26. Anvil Chorus
27. I Sustain the Wings

CD 3
01. I Sustain the Wings
02. Stealin' Apples
03. A Fellow on a Furlough
04. Cherokee
05. Stormy Weather
06. Guns in the Sky
07. Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
08. Music Makers
09. Summertime
10. It Must Be Jelly ('Cause Jam Don't Shake Like That)
11. Holiday for Strings
12. The Victory Polka
13. A String of Pearls
14. Moonlight Serenade
15. Speak Low
16. Sun Valley Jump
17. Annie Laurie
18. Enlisted Men's Mess
19. Poinciana
20. Song of the Volga Boatmen
21. All Through the Night
22. 9:20 Special
23. Now I Know
24. Jeep Jockey Jump
25. Good Night, Wherever You Are
26. I Sustain the Wings

Recorded 10 & 24 March, 7 & 21 April, 5 May, 19 & 26 May, 2 June 1944

The Army Air Force Training Command Band
under the direction of Captain Glenn Miller:

Conductor - Captain Glenn Miller, sgt. Jerry Gray

Trumpets - Sgt. Whitey Thomas, Sgt. Bobby Nichols, Sgt. Bernie Privin, Privatr First Class Jack Steele
Master Sgt. Zeke Zarchy

Trombones - Staff Sgt. Jimmy Priddy, Corporal James Harwood, Sgt.Johnny Halliburton, Pfc Larry Hall
Pfc Nat Peck

Fr. Horn - Cpl. Addison Collins Jr.

Reeds - S/Sgt. Hank Freeman (alto sax), Sgt. Peanuts Hucko (alto sax & clarinet), Cpl. Freddy Guera (alto sax),
Cpl. Jack Ferrier (tenor sax), Sgt. Vince Carbone (tenor sax), Sgt. Chuck Gentry (baritone sax)

Violins - S/Sgt. George Ockner (concertmaster), S/Sgt. Harry katzman, Cpl. Nathan Kaproff, Cpl. Gene Bergen,
Cpl. Henry Brynan, Pfc Joseph Kowalewski, Cpl. Ernie Kardos, Sgt. Dave Sackson, Cpl. Philip Cogliano,
Cpl. Richard Motylinski, Sgt. Dave Herman and others

Violas - Sgt. Dave Schwartz, Cpl. Stanley Harris, Cpl. Henry Brian, Sgt. Manny Wishnow

Cellos - Cpl. Morris Bialkin, Cpl. Robert Ripley

Piano - S/Sgt. Meil Powell

Guitar - Sgt. Carmen Mastren

Bass - S/Sgt. Trigger Alpert

Drums - Techical Sgt. Ray McKinley, Pfc Frank Ippolito

Vocalist - Sgt. Johnny Desmond, Crew Chiefs/Glee Club

СD 1

СD 2

СD 3

(15.12.14 - 18:02) - Jazzman:

Не 80 а 70

(15.12.14 - 18:39) - Asmadey:

Спасибо, dear Jaro! Очень признателен Вам за Память и за Музыку! Всего Вам самого джазоаого!


(15.12.14 - 18:58) - Jaro:

Похоже, арифметика была не самым любимым предметом некоторых пользователей сайтаbiggrin

(18.12.14 - 10:04) - kolodiye:

Супер! Большое спасибо!tongue up up


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