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Gianluigi Trovesi - Mediterraneamente (2017)

Исполнитель: Gianluigi Trovesi
Название альбома: Mediterraneamente
Год выпуска: 2018
Формат файлов: mp3,320 kbps
Размер архива: 101,9 Mb
Скачать с: depositfiles

The clarinetist, saxophonist and composer lombardo, accompanied by Paolo Manzolini (guitars), Marco Esposito (bass), Vittorio Marinoni (drums) and Fulvio Maras (percussions) - offers twelve tracks including original compositions ("Gargantella", "Cadences Orfiche", "Rina and Virgil", "Material", "Curtain"), tradition (the"Carpinese"), Italian music ("a Thousand blue bubbles"), neapolitan ("Tu ca nun chiagne", "Tammurriata Nera"), international standards ("Yesterdays," "In your Own Sweet Way") and a piece ("La Suave Melodia") of the baroque composer Andrea Falconieri (1585-1656).

"I believe that in the large record production of Gianluigi Trovesi this work is considered by its author as something of a particularly intimate", emphasizes in the liner notes, the journalist, music critic and writer Claudio Sessa. ""For me, many of these songs are like serenades," he says Trovesi. Serenades, we add, that they refer to lyricism, open, sometimes theatrical: not the rough declarations of love that you could listen to in the valleys orobiche from which emerged the talent of our multi-instrumentalist, but the tradition of expression that he defines as "mediterranean", in a look that is all-encompassing that goes from Gibraltar to the Dardanelles, from Cairo to Marseille", says Sessa. "And in fact often his partner, primus inter pares in this recording is the guitar, the historical protagonist (in its various incarnations, regional, oud/lute and mandolin to the bouzuki) of so many passionate songs on the night to the beloved. Even if Paul Manzolini, and we are not expressive in a manner that is fully contemporary. Serenades of the world today can be considered the standard of the tradition of us present here, "Yesterdays" and "In Your Own Sweet Way" (both re-read so passionately original), as well as the most rhythmic of the album, linked to its long (and a bit self-deprecating) custom Trovesi for the themes of dancing and "dionysian"," stresses the journalist. "Intimate" is also the formula of the instrumental choice by the leader, that binds some of his historic collaborators in conversations to a few voices, duets, trios, sparse apertures more collective which then gives way to slight "in part" for a single instrument. Intimate and revealing, finally, it seems to me the large space allotted on this occasion to the alto saxophone. "Basically, I consider myself to have always a altista", stresses Trovesi, who is particularly proud of having been long "first alto sax" of the glorious rhythmic orchestra (that is, basically jazz) Rai, Milan; and the finding out from the mouth of one of the leaders of the revival of the clarinet (indeed, of the family of the clarinet) in jazz, contemporary, european, and world, is not to be neglected. Is it true," says Sessa, "Trovesi in the soul is always an alto saxophone, in fact, a great alto sax. The ductility of melodic, tonal variety, dynamic intensity that expresses with his instrument on this disc are those of a song open, free, required. Your freedom and necessity that lead people to sing their serenades".

1 Yesterdays
2 Gargantella
3 Carpinese
4 Cadenze Orfiche
5 Tu ca nun chiagne
6 Tammurriata Nera
7 La Suave Melodia
8 Le Mille Bolle Blu
9 Siparietto
10 Rina e Vigilio
11 In your Own Sweet Way
12 Materiali

Gianluigi Trovesi, alto sax, alto clarinet
Paolo Manzolini, guitars
Marco Esposito, bass
Vittorio Marinoni, drums
Fulvio Maras, percussions

Recorded 21-22 August 2016 and 24 april 2017 at Artesuono, Cavalicco (Ud), Italy




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