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George Duke - Don't Let Go (1978)

Исполнитель: George Duke
Название альбома: Don't Let Go
Год выпуска: 1978
Формат файлов: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер архива: 97.71 mb
Скачать с: rusfolder.com

With a hot funk band and a big hit, "Reach for It," behind him, George Duke appears mostly in his persona as R&B star on this ebullient package of sometimes Latin-inflected '70s funk. The centerpiece is a self-parodic bit of shuck and jive called "Dukey Stick," which became a number four hit single on the R&B charts (at his gigs, Duke used to flaunt a gaudy, lit-up, perhaps phallic wand, the "Dukey stick," during this number). The percussion section is pretty potent, staffed by Leon "Ndugu" Chancler and Sheila Escovedo in her pre-pop star days; they even get a Latin workout of their own simply titled "Percussion Interlude." While some of Duke's considerable keyboard and electronic prowess breaks through now and then, this album is mainly aimed at the R&B market, as the preponderance of soul vocals indicates. As such, it is a cut or two above the routine fare of the time, though not as infectious as its predecessor Reach for It.

1 We Give our Love 4:33
2 Morning Sun 4:15
3 Percussion Interlude 2:02
4 Dukey Stick 6:00
5 Starting Again 4:25
6 Yeah, We Going 3:41
7 The Way I Feel 4:45
8 Movin' On 4:22
9 Don't Let Go 3:26
10 Preface 1:29
11 The Future

Backing Vocals – Pattie Brooks, Petsye Powell
Bass – Byron Miller
Congas, Percussion – Sheila Escovedo
Drums, Timbales – Leon Ndugu Chancler
Guitar – Charles "Icarus" Johnson
Violin – Carol Shive
Vocals – Josie James, Napoleon M. Brock



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