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Gabriela Anders - Eclectica (2003)

Исполнитель: Gabriela Anders
Название альбома: Eclectica
Год выпуска: 2003
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 93,4 MB
Скачать с: rusfolder.com

01. Together Again - 04:22
02. Pearls And Gold - 03:37
03. Naufragio - 04:15
04. What My Dreams Are Made Of - 04:37
05. Fading Light - 04:32
06. I Wait - 05:30
07. Socamerengue - 03:34
08. Like U Do - 04:08
09. Far Away - 04:46
10. Love So Right - 03:31

Born into a family of musicians, the Argentinean native studied classical guitar and piano in Buenos Aires while listening closely to her father, jazz saxophonist Jorge Anders. Says Gabriela, "There were so many influences when I was growing up, and I wanted to do something with them all. My father's concerts and studio work certainly affected me, as did the music of Brazil; it's so harmonically rich and so interesting melodically".

After high school, Anders decided to continue her studies in New York. After a short while, she started to do studio and club work. This work lead to two recording projects with top producer Sergio George.

Through Sergio, she had the opportunity to sing for Grover Washington Jr., Marc Anthony, Celia Cruz & Talhia.

Her ongoing exposure to music of various sensibilities and her innate ability to fuse styles and formats were abundantly revealed in a few demo tracks she made on the cheap. Shortly thereafter, Anders became one of the only artists ever signed to Warner Bros. from unsolicited material.

Gabriela Anders' debut, "Wanting", is brimming with vocal subtlety; although smooth, it is anything but simple. She wrote ten of the twelve tracks.

"Wanting" elicited much praise for Anders' vision and impassioned vocal style. Her unique blending of pop, Latin and jazz resulted in Vogue and People magazines, among others, describing Anders and her music as: "exotic and bold"; "wonderfully soulful"; and "one of the most distinctive new voices to hit the music scene in years"

Gabriela Anders continues a journey of musical excellence and introspection with her new release, "Eclectica", a collection of Brazilian, R&B and jazz- influenced songs, now including two additional tracks, "Far away" and "Love so right".

"Eclectica": a sultry, exotic sound with irresistible grooves, punctuated by intensely soulful vocals. Anders' voice seduces, and her impassioned ideas and desires are enthralling.

Says Anders, "Growing as a musician is absolutely the most important thing to me"

Produced by Sonic Soul, Eastriverjoint and Gabriela herself, Eclectica showcases Anders' ability to push traditional boundaries and transcend genres and formats while featuring some of today's most soulful musicians: Wayne Krantz, Negro Hernandez, John Benitez, Ron Lawrence, Cidinho, Cafe, Cliff Lyons, Rick Savage, Luis Bonilla, Hector Martignon, Vince Cherico, Hami Marqui Dair, Susan Youngblood, Sammy Merendino, Ross Traut, Reggie Hamilton and Otmaro Ruiz.

Most of the songs and lyrics are by Anders, as are the arrangements. The first single, the appealingly warm "Together Again", is Gabriela's homage beautiful Brazil.

The Latin grooves of "Naufragio" and "Socamerengue" take you to the tropics, to bring you back with the soulful solo voice/piano performance of "Fading Light". The slinky funkiness of "What My Dreams Are Made Of" contrasts with the jazziness of "I Wait".

"Eclectica" keeps on surprising you; every track takes you on a different journey: an eclectic trip into Gabriela's sensual musical world.

Anders channels her multi-cultural musical gifts into the power of love's emotions and vulnerabilities, both personal and universal, and that is the essence of her allure



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