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Funkadelic - Music For Your Mother (1993) re-up

Исполнитель: Funkadelic
Название альбома: Music For Your Mother (2CD)
Год выпуска: 1993
Формат файлов: mp3 320kbps cbr
Размер архива: Total 280mb rar
Скачать с: Turbobit

Though Tales of Kidd Funkadelic brought together some oddballs and rarities from Funkadelic's early- to mid-'70s existence, it wasn't until Music for Your Mother came out that there was a full compilation of all the band's singles from birth to the mid-decade switch to Warner Bros. And what a compilation it is: Bringing together some of the band's best material as well as some of its craziest, Music for Your Mother does the business for any self-respecting P-Funk clone. ©

Full Title: Funkadelic - Music For Your Mother: Funkadelic 45's, 1969-1976 2CD

Label - Westbound

George Clinton - Vocals
Eddie Hazel -Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Ray Monette - Guitar
Billy "Bass" Nelson, Bob Babbitt - Bass
Mickey Atkins, Bernie Worrell - Organ
Earl Van Dyke - Keyboards
Ramon "Tiki" Fulwood, Brad Innis - Drums
Gasper Lawal - Conga
Herb Sparkman - Lead Vocals on "Music for My Mother"
Clarence "Fuzzy" Haskins - Lead Vocals on "I Got a Thing"
Calvin Simon - Lead Vocals on "Qualify and Satisfy"
Ray Davis, Grady Thomas and some unknown Female Vocalists - Additional Vocals

Tracks CD-1
1. Music for My Mother 5:18
2. Music for My Mother (Instrumental) 6:13
3. Can't Shake It Loose 2:28
4. As Good as I Can Feel 2:32
5. I Bet You 3:58
6. Qualify and Satisfy 3:02
7. Open Our Eyes 4:01
8. I Got a Thing, You Got a Thing, Everybody's Got a Thing 2:59
9. Fish, Chips & Sweat 2:59
10. I Wanna Know If It's Good to You? 2:51
11. I Wanna Know If It's Good to You? (Instrumental) 3:10
12. You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks 3:48
13. Funky Dollar Bill 3:06
14. Can You Get to That 2:49
15. Back in Our Minds 2:39
16. I Miss My Baby 4:18

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Tracks CD- 2
1. Baby I Owe You Something Good 3:50
2. Hit It and Quit It 2:46
3. A Whole Lot of BS 1:18
4. Loose Booty 3:13
5. A Joyful Process 3:25
6. Cosmic Slop 3:22
7. If You Don't Like the Effects, Don't Produce the Cause 3:33
8. Standing on the Verge of Getting It On 3:18
9. Jimmy's Got a Little Bit of Bitch in Him 2:29
10. Red Hot Mama 3:24
11. Vital Juices 3:11
12. Better by the Pound 2:42
13. Stuffs and Things 2:12
14. Let's Take It to the Stage 3:20
15. Biological Speculation 3:08
16. Undisco Kidd 4:12
17. How Do Yeaw View You? 3:42

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