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Four For Jazz & Benny Bailey - A Land Of Dolls (1970)

Исполнитель: Four For Jazz, Benny Bailey
Название альбома: A Land Of Dolls
Год выпуска: 1970
Формат файлов: Mp3, 320
Размер архива: 184 Mb
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The formation of the group FOUR FOR JAZZ at the beginning of the year 1970 (Double-LP “A Land Of Dolls”/ 1971 “Power Of Nature”/ 1972 “ Sunday Child”) was a particulary happy event. Benny Bailey, the trumpeter, who had joined the four instrumentalists on various occasions was immediately enthusiastic about the experience and the flexible concept of the group and since then has taken every opportunity to play with them. Berne, the Swiss capital, has become the
present headquarters of FOUR FOR JAZZ. Between their concert tours around Europe the musicians are working as the teachers at the “Swiss Jazz Scool” in Berne.

Heinz Bigler – clarinettist and saxophone player - (born 1934, Bern, Switzerland) won a scholarship to attend the “Berklee Scool of Music” in Boston, USA. His musical experience includes engagements with famous musicians as Joe Zawinul, Clark Terry, Howard McGhee, Roy Eldridge, Illinois Jacquet, Coleman Hawkins and Friedrich Gulda. Having formerly been inspired by Charly Parker, he has developed his own mature and individual style.
Joe Haider – piano and electronic keyboard player – (born 1936, Stuttgart, Germany) studied piano and composition at the “Scool of Music” in Munich. He has experience as a leader of several groups and as sideman for Art Farmer, Carmell Jones, Booker Ervin, Nathan Davis, Pony Poindexter, Leo Wright and Attila Zoller whom he accompanied as resident pianist of the “Domicile” Jazz Club in munich. Morever, Joe Haider has been the leader of the “Radio Jazz
Group” of the “Bayerischer Rundfunk”. He lives now in Avenches in Switzerland.
Isla Eckinger – bass player – (born 1939, Basel, Switzerland) received instruction in music at
the “Konservatorium” in Basel, first he played Cello, and before finally taken to the double-bass he was a remarkable Jazz Trombonist. He is a leading bass men of the European Jazz Scene and living now in Switzerland and California, USA.
Hans-Peter Giger – drum and percussions player – (born 1939, Bern, Switzerland) is selftaught and has been professional musicians since he was 19 years old. He accompanied many famous Jazz musicians on concert tours in Europa and in studios in Paris (Claude Bolling). Later he turn out to be even more fruitful together with Albert Mangelsdorff and his “Family of Percussion”.

Record 1

1. All Them Chickens (Giger)
2. Three For Four (Bigler)
1. A Land Of Dolls (Haider)
2. What Is Happening (Haider)
3. Interlude (Eckinger)

Record 2

1. Music For A Quintet (Bigler)
2. Stoned Ghost (Bailey)
1. Ghost And Blood Chant (Giger)
2. Sho-wa-di-ba-du-ba (Bigler)
3. Prompt (Bailey)

Recorded at Horst Jankowski Studio, Stuttgart.

Label: Intercord – 743-08 Z/1-2

Alto Saxophone – Heinz Bigler
Bass – Isla Eckinger
Drums – Hans Peter Giger
Piano, Electric Piano – Joe Haider
Trumpet – Benny Bailey


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