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Floriano Inacio Jr. - Paulistano (2018)

Исполнитель: Floriano Inacio Jr.
Название альбома: Paulistano
Год выпуска: 2018
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 153,7 MB
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01. Paulistano
02. Essa È Pra Você
03. Eu Jà Vejo a Hora
04. Do Cavaco Pro Piano
05. A World on Fire
06. Novos Tempos
07. Saudades do Nordeste
08. Paquinho
09. Sambando Em Bülach
10. Piemonte
11. Bachiando
12. Thailand

On his new album Paulistano, Floriano found his inspiration to develop a musical creation from the roots of his birth place, the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Specifically, the southern part of Sāo Paulo.
The starting point of his journey seeks not only musical, but interpersonal horizons throughout the world which are stamped and present in every song of the album. It is a journey to his past.
Each memory, discovery and accomplishment adds extra color and details to his compositions and arrangements.
Melodies and harmonies range from the more traditional Samba-Jazz style on the track"Paulistano", to a more modern style found on the track "Thailand".
The song "Do Cavaco pro Piano" showcases a combination between the piano and cavaquinho which to Floriano is simply perfect; this fusion of instruments is the one that has touched him the most since beginning his musical journey.
Throughout his compositions and arrangements, Floriano includes a broad variety of instruments played by renowned musicians.
On this album, Floriano highlights the musical signature that has followed him from the very beginning of his career; a mix between his Brazilian roots and jazz.
It is within this current phase that his musical projects are inserted and where he continues to develop.
He considers this particular combination of rhythms contagious and hopes to bring about emotions of happiness, energy and love to all people listening to them.
Floriano is a musician with a generous heart and tremendous talent.
With his latest album, Floriano expresses the "Paulistano"* within himself.

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