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Ernie Wilkins - Top Brass and Trumpets All Out Arranged and Conducted by Ernie Wilkins (1955-1956)

Исполнитель: Ernie Wilkins
Название альбома: Top Brass and Trumpets All Out
Год выпуска: 2008
Формат файлов: Mp3, 320
Размер архива: 147 Mb
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Top Brass was a 1956 stellar (5-star in Down Beat) album in a modern and expanded reincarnation of many of the Keynote sessions in the ‘40s when a pride of several lions on one particular instrument was assembled to exchange ideas and styles. In this case, Savoy presented five trumpeters (Ernie Royal, Idrees Sulieman, Joe Wilder, Ray Copeland, and Donald Byrd) blowing score and solo in various Ernie Wilkins settings flawlessly backed by the famous trio made up by Hank Jones, Wendell Marshall, and Kenny Clarke. The success of this first, experimental, date allowed Savoy’s producer Ozzie Cadena to do a repeat session utilizing five different trumpet players (Art Farmer, Emmett Berry, Charlie Shavers, and Harold Baker) and a rhythm section with two changes: pianist Don Abney, and drummer Bobby Donaldson. The end result was Trumpets All Out, another excellent date with essentially mood setters. The lines are sprightly and Ernie, who arranged all, is his usual spare, swinging, estimable self.
Liner Note

01. 58 Market Street (Ernie Wilkins, Earl Van Riper) 4:26
02. Trick Or Treat (Ernie Wilkins) 5:19
03. Speedway (Ernie Wilkins) 4:40
04. Dot’s What (Johnny Mandel) 5:37
05. Top Brass (Ernie Wilkins) 3:19
06. Willow Weep For Me (Ann Ronell) 2:17
07. Imagination (James Van Heusen, Johnny Burke) 2:42
08. It Might As Well Be Spring (Oscar Hammerstein II, Richard Rodgers) 2:00
09. The Nearness Of You (Hoagy Carmichael, Ned Washington) 2:35
10. Taking A Chance On Love (Vernon Duke, John Latouche) 4:46
11. Five Cats Swingin' (Ernie Wilkins) 8:27
12. Blues In 6/4 (Ernie Wilkins) 5:04
13. Trumpets All Out (Ernie Wilkins) 3:18
14. She's Just My Size (Ernie Wilkins) 5:26
15. Love Is Here To Stay (George Gershwin) 1:51
16. Time On My Hands (Harold Adamson, Vincent Youmans) 1:49
17. When Your Lover Has Gone (Einar A. Swan) 1:52

Tracks 1-10:
Donald Byrd, Ray Copeland, Ernie Royal, Idrees Sulieman, Joe Wilder, trumpet; Hank Jones, piano; Wendell Marshall, bass; Kenny Clarke, drums.
Recorded in Hackensack, NJ, November 8, 1955.

Tracks 11-17:
Harold Baker, Emmett Berry, Art Farmer, Ernie Royal, Charlie Shavers, trumpet; Don Abney, piano; Wendell Marshall, bass; Bobby Donaldson, drums;
Recorded in Hackensack, NJ, January 15, 1957.

Sources: Tracks 1-10 from album Savoy 12" Top Brass (MG-12044)
Tracks 1-10 from album Savoy 12" Trumpets All Out (MG-12096)

Label: Fresh Sound FSR-CD 517, 2008




(25.05.13 - 21:48) - russel:

Лихо порезали попурри 6-10...biggrin



(25.05.13 - 22:01) - Jaro:

Да есть такое делоsad Бываетsmile


(28.05.13 - 20:28) - garson:

Jaro, mersi! Очень замечательно, джаз 50-х, что ни говори! up up wink


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