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Eric Dolphy - Timespan (1949-1962) re-up

Исполнитель: Eric Dolphy
Название альбома: Timespan
Год выпуска: 2012
Формат файлов: Mp3 320kb/s
Размер архива: 140mb
Скачать с: Turbobit

Rare recordings by Eric Dolphy collected by the Japanese label Marshmallow Records.
Previously unreleased recordings covering the period from 1949 to 1961 are included.
Tracks 1-3 are rediscovered footage recorded in September 1961 at a television show in Copenhagen. Eric visited the great pianist Bent Axen in Denmark.
Tracks 4-10 are a radio tape recording of a concert at the Gaslight Inn (New York) that took place in October 1962. Dolphy has played with Herbie Hancock, Richard Davis and Joe Carroll (vocals).
Track 11 and 12 is a rare 78 rpm LP from a Japanese collector.
Track 11 - 78 rpm REX (Hollywood) record with Charlie Mingus and his orchestra, recorded in the spring of 1949. Dolphy, at this time 20 years old and he plays a solo on the second alto saxophone.
Track 12 was recorded in February 1949 and is believed to contain Dolphy's first known solo, during his big band work with drummer Roy Porter.
For true collectors and fans of Eric!

Label - Marshmallow Records (Japan)
Track 1-3: Recorded in a TV studio in Copenhagen, September 7, 1961.
Tracks 4-10: Recorded from a radio broadcast at Gaslight Inn, New York, on October 7, 1962.
Track 11: Recorded in Hollywood, Spring 1949.
Track 12: Recorded in Los Angeles, February 1949

Eric Dolphy - alto sax, bass clarinet, flute
Art Pepper - alto sax
Jimmy Knepper - trombone
Bent Axen, Herbie Hancock, Russ Freeman - piano
Charles Mingus, Richard Davis - bass
…others (see cover back)

1. Don't Blame Me
2. On Green Dolphin Street
3. Miss Ann
4. Miss Ann
5. Dialogue
6. Left Alone
7. I Got Rhythm
8. Oh Lady Be Good
9. GW
10. 245
11. The Story Of Love
12. Moods At Dusk



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