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Eddie Henderson Quartet - Flight Of Mind (1991) re-up

Исполнитель: Eddie Henderson Quartet
Название альбома: Flight Of Mind
Год выпуска: 1991
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Размер архива: 143 MB
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The trumpet and flugelhorn player Dr. EDDIE HENDERSON (also known in Mwandishi circles as Mganga) received his first casual trumpet lesson from Louis Armstrong when he was nine years old, then went on, as a teenager, to study at the San Francisco Conservatory of music and performed with their symphony orchestra.

MILES DAVIS was a friend of the family (his step-father being Davis' doctor), and Henderson first met him in 1957. Davis, who was impressed, encouraged Henderson to pursue a career in music.

He studied zoology, then became a medical doctor; however, during his years of residency he kept playing part-time. He continued to study trumpet, and play gigs, with mentors such as FREDDIE HUBBARD and LEE MORGAN.

A week-long gig with HERBIE HANCOCK's Mwandishi band resulted in three years of Mwandishi work from 1970 to 1973. He also performed with MAX ROACH, ART BLAKEY, DEXTER GORDON, JOE HENDERSON, JACKIE McLEAN, ROY HAYNES, McCOY TYNER and many other jazz greats.

Following his Hancock years, he worked a great deal with PHAROAH SANDERS, NORMAN CONNORS, and ART BLAKEY's Jazz Messengers. He continued his involvement with various Mwandishi players.

His first album under his name, the, I think, amazing "Realization" was released in 1973 and is a Mwandishi album in musical essence, conceptualisation, and in terms of the musicians involved. There were a number of albums by different Mwandishi players that can be thought of as extensions of the Hancock Mwandishi trilogy, and this may well be, in my opinion, the greatest. Other Mwandishi artists who released albums that can be considered part of the Mwandishi concept include BENNIE MAUPIN ("Slow Traffic to the Right") and JULIAN PRIESTER (Love, Love). NORMAN CONNORS ("Love from the Sun") is often linked with these albums, and Mwandishi artist BUSTER WILLIAM's "Pinnacle" is one to get if interested in "Mwandishi".

In 1974 he released "Inside Out", which is another essential Mwandishi extension. It is a more funk / groove driven album than its predecessor, but still has that very similar space-jazz sound.

In 1975, Henderson released the, I think excellent, "Sunburst". He had moved from Capricorn Records to Blue Note, and while I still put it in the space fusion camp, it can be seen as a transitional album between his cosmic jazz fusion period and his rather more mainstream jazz-funk fusion period.

In 1976 he released "Heritage", which, while still spacey, shows more soul music qualities than former efforts. It seems he moved to a more Miles Davis sound, but it's more accessible, commercial-sounding than Davis' music at the time.

1977 saw the release of "Comin' Through" which is a jazz-funk album with a soul and disco edge. The track "Prance On" was released as a single and became a hit on the billboard charts (it would not be his only hit).

1978's "Mahal" features Herbie Hancock on keyboards and is a continuation of style from the previous album.

His last 70's album ("Running to Your Love") would be more in the disco-funk realm, and though I have not heard his 80s and up albums, I have heard that his albums from the 80's are very commercial and not of the progressive jazz-rock fusion variety.

In the 1990's I have read that he returned to his acoustic hard bop roots (see wikipedia), and continued to work as a psychiatrist.

After Miles Davis died, who was one of Henderson's musical heroes and an important influence, Henderson recorded a Davis tribute album called "So What?" with the participation of other musicians touched by Davis..

1. Flight Of Mind (6:34)
2. Goodbye (9:19)
3. Eduard (7:09)
4. Un Bel Di Vedremo (4:25)
5. Lament For Booker (8:29)
6. Torre-Adore (8:52)
7. Portrait Of Jenny (9:10)
8. L&M (6:51)

Eddie Henderson / trumpet
Larry Willis / piano
Ed Howard / bass
Victor Lewis / drums

Recorded January 1991

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