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Eddie Daniels - Swing Low Sweet Clarinet (2005)

Исполнитель: Eddie Daniels
Название альбома: Swing Low Sweet Clarinet
Год выпуска: 2005
Формат файлов: MP3 320kbps cbr
Размер архива: 120Mb rar
Скачать с: Rusfolder

The clarinet continues to make a comeback in jazz. While not reaching the pinnacle it occupied during the 1930s and 1940s, it has regained some of the prominence it had as a jazz instrument, and not just with New Orleans traditional jazz, but mainstream, post-bop, and modern as well. This resurgence has been helped by the likes of Don Byron, Alan Vaché, Ken Peplowski, Antti Sarpila - and Eddie Daniels. Daniels has now added to the movement with this album backed by the very professional hr Big Band ("hr" being the nomenclature for the Frankfurt Radio Big Band). The play list for this session includes standards associated with clarinetists from the instruments' golden era, a couple of jazz standards, and two originals by Daniels. One of the tributes to his major influence, Benny Goodman, is a lovely recitation of Gordon Jenkins' "Goodbye," Goodman's signature tune. Daniels' approach is different as he plays in a lower register, adds arpeggios, engages in dazzling runs, and improvises on the melody line, giving the tune an almost classical sound. In fact, there is a classical ambience to the entire set, with many of the pieces coming off as short concerti for clarinet and orchestra. Classical bent notwithstanding, the clarinet was the darling of the swing era and that genre is not ignored, with such authentically performed tunes as "Stompin' at the Savoy" and "Sing, Sing, Sing." But these references to Goodman's material are not knee-jerk imitations. Daniels and the orchestra take a fresh look and, in doing so, help to dispel the rap that while the clarinetist is a technical wonder, he is not especially innovative. Creativity is also dominant on Thad Jones' tune "Three in One," and Artie Shaw is remembered with two of the tunes he made famous. All in all, there is not a disappointing track on the CD. This joint venture between Daniels and the 16-piece hr Big Band is a successful one and would enhance any collection. Highly recommended.
~ Dave Nathan

Label - Shanachie Records
Recorded at Hessicher Rundfunk, Frankfurt, Germany on November 8-12, 1999

Eddie Daniels - clarinet
HR Big Band:
Harry Petersen, Heinz Dieter Saurborn - alto saxophone
Wilson DeOliveira, Tony Lakatos - tenor saxophone
John Oslawski - baritone saxophone
Alexandre Malempré, Martin Auer – trumpet
Manfred Honetschläger, Torolf Molgaard, Günter Bollmann, Peter Feil – trombone
Peter Reiter – piano
Werner Vetterer – guitar
Wolfgang Haffner - drums

01. Begine The Beguine 5:21
02. Stompin' At The Savoy 3:58
03. Stardust 5:35
04. Three In One 5:17
05. Quiet Now 6:36
06. Stride Rite 5:19
07. Waltz For Mirabai 4:44
08. Goodbye 6:53
09. Sing, Sing, Sing 7:32



(10.09.12 - 23:45) - Andrews:

Давно -давно был у меня альбом,вроде не сохранился,и была там фамилия Lakatos,вот насчет имени Тони - не знаю.Суть в том,что это был румынский саксофонист.Вот и думаю - похоже все более менее приличные музыканты из нашего СЭВ успели сделать ноги.

(15.03.13 - 16:37) - Asmadey:

angry Хороший альбомчик! Обворожительно-кристальный звук кларнета, хорошие (без левых нот!) импровизации, всё сыграно легко и чистенько!
Спасибо Уважаемый Glam! Всего Вам джазового!

(18.03.13 - 18:14) - lullaby:

Тони Лакатош - венгр, живущий в Германии. Он - старший брат Роби Лакатоша, который представлен на сайте. Очень рекомендую!biggrin


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