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Earl Klugh - Crazy For You (1995)

Исполнитель: Earl Klugh
Название альбома: Crazy For You
Год выпуска: 1995
Формат файлов: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер архива: 81.73 mb
Скачать с: rusfolder.com

Earl Klugh's music is as refreshing as a cool breeze on a muggy summer day. This set produced by Klugh and co-produced by Roland Wilson displays Earl's guitar virtuosity and his composing skills. A grand orchestra used on some cuts never overshadows the tight rhythm section comprising various players, with Phil Upchurch and Greg Phillingames being the most prominent. The different musicians give each tune a subtle difference so the LP never gets mundane. Louis Johnson's bass propels "Twinkle" along at a finger-popping pace, with Phillingames adding a sweet electric piano solo that's polished off by some draping synthesizer runs. "Broadway Ramble" features Hubie Crawford's emoting harmonica filling in spaces on a cowboy-ish rhythm. Donald Griffin, Billy Griffin's brother, adds some electric guitar on "Calypso Getaway" and the title track. "The Rainmaker" has elaborate orchestration that meshes with the intense drumming, Gary King's bassing, and Klugh's feathery touch; percussionists Sammy Figueroa and Manola Badbena add flashy fills to Dave Matthews' masterful arrangement. The album closes with the upbeat title track, which is the most direct and most forgettable tune on the disc. This was originally released on Liberty Records in 1981 but was reissued by Blue Note in 1996.

01. I'm Ready For Your Love
02. Soft Stuff
03. Twinkle
04. Broadway Ramble
05. Calypso Getaway
06. The Rainmaker
07. Balladina
08. Crazy For You

Earl Klugh - acoustic and electric guitars,12 string guitar,rhythm arrangements
Lew Soloff - trumpet
George Young - tenor sax
Onaje Allan Gumbs - piano
Phil Upchurch - electric guitar,rhythm arrangements
Johnny Mandel - conductor,string arrangements
Charles Meeks- electric bass
Ray Parker, Jr. - electric guitar,bass,drums,arranger
Greg Phillinganes - piano,synthesizer,arranger
Raymond Lee Pounds - drums
Jim Pugh - trombone
Sylvester Rivers - piano
Gerald Vinci - concert master
Hubie Crawford - harmonica
Mickie Roaquemore - synthesizer
Joe Shepelym - trumpet
David Taylor - trombone
David Nadien - concert master
Jack Ashford - tambourine
James Bradley, Jr. - drums
Brian Brake - drums
Sam Burtis - trombone
Paulinho Da Costa - percussion
Gene Dunlap - drums
Daryl Dybka - arp
Nathan East - electric bass
Sammy Figueroa - percussion
Clare Fischer - conductor,string arrangements
John Gatchell - trumpet
Donald Griffin - electric guitar
Louis Johnson - electric bass
Gary King - electric bass
Ricky Lawson - drums
Hiram Bullock - electric guitar
Jon Faddis - trumpet
Ronnie Foster - piano, vocoder, rhythm arrangements



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