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Earl Bostic - The Earl Bostic Story (2006)

Исполнитель: Earl Bostic
Название альбома: The Earl Bostic Story [Box Set]
Год выпуска: 2006
Формат файлов: FLAC(tracks)
Размер архива: 721,45 mb
Скачать с: rusfolder.com

A 106 track survey of alto sax player Bostic, a technical master of his instrument who cut his teeth with many jazz bands during the 1930s. He was to become a hugely influential player who had many hits during his '50s heyday with a jump blues and R&B stlye. All the hits are included and his full story is told in the 44 page booklet that also includes full session detail and rare photos. Greatly admired by fellow musicians for his mastery of the saxophone, Earl Bostic's mavellous alto sax was also one of the great and distinctive sounds of both R&B and pop music and his records became perennials on juke boxes everywhere. First recording with Lionel Hampton in 1939, he started leading his own regular large group in 1945, cutting back to a septet the following year, when he began recording regularly. His bands became important training grounds for up-and-coming jazzmen like John Coltrane, Blue Mitchell, Stanley Turrentine and Benny Golson although he achieved his early reputation with jumping R&B tunes and his biggest hits in the '50s with more sophisticated material.

Label: Proper Box
Genre: Jazz, Rhythm and Blues
Total Time: : 4:58:41

Disc 1
01. The Man I Love
02. Hurricane Blues
03. The Major And The Minor
04. All On
05. Liza
06. That's The Groovy Thing - Part A
07. Tippin' In
08. Baby, You Don't Know It All
09. Jumpin' Jack
10. That's The Groovy Thing - Part B
11. The Barefoot Boy
12. That's The Heat You Gotta Beat
13. Let's Ball Tonight, Part 1
14. Let's Ball Tonight, Part 2
15. Away
16. Where Or When
17. Cuttin' Out
18. My Special Dream
19. I'm The Guy Who Loves You
20. Here Goes
21. Bostic's Jump
22. Earl's Rumboogie
23. Hot Sauce Boss
24. 8.45 Stomp
25. Disc Jockey's Nightmare
26. Slightly Groovy
27. Bar Fly Baby

Disc 2
01. Artistry By Bostic
02. Scotch Jam
03. Apollo Theatre Jump
04. Serenade To Beauty
05. Tiger Rag
06. The Man I Love
07. Temptation
08. Bostic's Boogie Blues
09. Joy Dust
10. Wild Man
11. Watch Where You Walk Boy
12. Blip Boogie
13. From Midnight Till Dawn
14. Swing Low Sweet Boogie
15. Earl's Imagination
16. Earl Blows A Fuse
17. Nay! Nay! Go Away!
18. Who Snuck The Wine In The Gravy?
19. Earl's Blues
20. Sugar Hill Blues
21. Choppin' It Down
22. Filibuster
23. No Name Blues
24. Serenade
25. Seven Steps
26. Portrait Of A Faded Love
27. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams

Disc 3
01. Way Down
02. Don't You Do It
03. Merry Widow Waltz
04. Wrap It Up
05. Rockin' And Reelin'
06. September Song
07. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
08. Flamingo
09. Sleep
10. How Could It Have Been You And I
11. Always
12. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
13. The Moon Is Low
14. Lover Come Back To Me
15. Chains Of Love
16. I Got Loaded
17. Velvet Sunset
18. Moonglow
19. Linger Awhile
20. Ain't Misbehavin'
21. You Go To My Head
22. The Hour Of Parting
23. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
24. For You
25. Sheik Of Araby
26. Cherokee
27. Steamwhistle Jump

Disc 4
01. The Song Is Ended
02. Melancholy Serenade
03. The Very Thought Of You
04. Memories
05. What, No Pearls?
06. Smoke Rings
07. Deep Purple
08. Jungle Drums
09. Cracked Ice
10. Danube Waves
11. Poeme
12. My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice
13. O Sole Mio
14. Off Shore
15. Blue Skies
16. Mambostic
17. Time On My Hands
18. Mambolino
19. These Foolish Things
20. Song Of The Islands
21. Liebestraum
22. Night And Day
23. Sweet Lorraine
24. Beyond The Blue Horizon
25. East Of The Sun



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