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Diego Urcola Quartet - Appreciation (2010)

Исполнитель: Diego Urcola Quartet
Название альбома: Appreciation
Год выпуска: 2011
Label: Cam Jazz CAMJ 7832-5
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 145,4 MB
Скачать с: depositfiles

The vibrant new album by Argentinian trumpeter and 3-time Grammy Nominee, Diego Urcola.

A second album for Diego Urcola on the CAM Jazz label. After the success of “Viva” (released in 2006), that earned the Argentine trumpeter a radiant Grammy® nomination the following year as “Best Latin Jazz Album”, this time releases “Appreciation”, a work that adds an important element to the productions by this artist. An album that the trumpeter, and composer of nine of the tracks, dedicates to those leaders that marked his formation and his career. And so an intricate and multi-faceted work is realized, where Urcola displays an impressive jazz vocabulary, rich with texture; his is a language that knows how to draw on the most diverse traditions, reconstructing the thematic material and giving life to a unique and personal speech that goes way beyond the well-known Latin repertoire that has been presented on stages worldwide. Here it is, a dedication to Hubbard, to Shorter and Coltrane, without forgetting to celebrate some of the most important leaders of the instrument, such as Davis, Gillespie and Shaw, and without forgetting one of the musicians that has largely contributed to the success of Urcola: Paquito D’Rivera, a musician who, at this point, has accompanied him for years.

Recorded in the splendid Sear Sound Studios of New York, by the hand and ears of the great James Farber, and the complicity of Luis Perdomo on the piano, Hans Glawischnig on double bass and Eric McPherson on drums. A record that merits much more than appreciation.

01. The Natural
02. El Brujo
03. Milonga para Paquito
04. Super Mario Forever
05. Guachos
06. Deep
07. Senhor Wayne
08. Woody'n Diz
09. Camila

Diego Urcola - trumpet
Luis Perdomo - piano
Hans Glawischnig - bass
Eric McPherson - drums
Yosvany Terry - chekere

Recorded in New York on 4, 5 February 2010 at Sear Sound Studio



(20.06.18 - 13:35) - crossmen:

Swing, Большая Благодарность за возвращение Замечательного произведения, и за эти релиз Спасибо - Diego Urcola - Libertango (1995), Diego Urcola - Soundances (2003)

(20.06.18 - 23:57) - Swing:

crossmen, пожалуйста!


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