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Dick Hyman - 60 Great All Time Songs Vol. 5 (1957)

Исполнитель: Dick Hyman
Название альбома: 60 Great All Time Songs Vol. 5
Год записи: 1957
Формат файлов: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер архива: 112 mb
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He's My Guy (5:00)
A1.1 (Nobody Knows Better Than I) He's My Guy
A1.2 Jim
A1.3 Never Leave Me
A1.4 Trouble In Mind
A1.5 Address Unknown
A1.6 Dream, Dream, Dream
Cool Cats And Hot Canaries (3:00)
A2.1 One Meat Ball
A2.2 The Pussy Cat Song (Nyow! Nyot Nyow!)
A2.3 Open The Door, Richard
A2.4 The Hot Canary
A2.5 Woody Woodpecker
Lady, Make Believe (5:12)
A3.1 Over A Bottle Of Wine
A3.2 Whistling In The Dark
A3.3 Shoo Shoo Baby
A3.4 I'd Love To Call You My Sweetheart
A3.5 Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)
A3.6 Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes
A3.7 Little Lady Make Believe
Amen! (2:40)
A4.1 Amen (Yeah Man!)
A4.2 Deep River
A4.3 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
A4.4 Dry Bones
A4.5 When The Saints Come Marching In
From Italy To Ireland (4:15)
A5.1 Santa Lucia
A5.2 Sorrento
A5.3 Mattinata
A5.4 Sweet Molly Malone
A5.5 My Kathleen
A5.6 It's The Irish In Me
Calypso Is Like So (3:50)
A6.1 Mama Look A Booboo (Shut Your Mouth- Go Away)
A6.2 Marianne
A6.3 Hill 'N Gully Rider
A6.4 Song Of The Banana Boats
A6.5 Money Is The Root Of All Evil (Take It Away, Take It Away, Take It Away)
My Heart Sings (6:05)
B1.1 (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings
B1.2 If You Love Me (Really Love Me)
B1.3 My Heart Says "Thanks" To You (Trois Fois Merci)
B1.4 My Heart Isn't In It
B1.5 All Or Nothing At All
Next Time- Take The Bus (4:00)
B2.1 Red River Valley
B2.2 By The Waters Of The Minnetonka
B2.3 Blue Tail Fly
B2.4 Mighty Lak A Rose
B2.5 Along The Navajo Trail
For Dancers Only (3:50)
B3.1 For Dancers Only
B3.2 Well, Alright (Tonight's The Night)
B3.3 Rhumboogie
B3.4 Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat
B3.5 Woodchopper's Ball
B3.6 The Old Piano Roll Blues
Somebody Else's Arms (4:00)
B4.1 (I Found You Out) When I Found You In Somebody Else's Arms
B4.2 Goody Goodbye
B4.3 Come To Baby, Do!
B4.4 Mama's Gone, Goodbye
B4.5 The Breeze (That's Bringin' My Honey Back To Me)
End Of A Love Affair (5:43)
B5.1 The End Of A Love Affair
B5.2 Black Coffee
B5.3 Just For A Thrill
B5.4 (Look Over Your Shoulder) I'm Walking Behind You
B5.5 Summertime In Venice

Piano – Dick Hyman
With rhythm accompaniment

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