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David Torn - Cloud About Mercury (1987) re-up

Исполнитель: David Torn
Название альбома: Cloud About Mercury
Год выпуска: 1987
Формат файлов: mp3,320 kb
Размер архива: 104 mb
Скачать с: dfiles

1.Suyafhu Skin… Snapping the Hollow Reed
2.The Mercury Grid
3.3 Minutes of Pure Entertainment
4.Previous Man
5.The Network of Sparks - a. The Delicate Code
6.b. Egg Learns to Walk …Suyafhu Seal

Chapman Stick, Synthesizer [Synthesizer Bass] – Tony Levin
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – David Torn
Electronic Drums [Simmons Drums], Synthesizer [Synthesizer Drums], Percussion – Bill Bruford
Producer – Manfred Eicher
Synthesizer – Mark Isham (1)
Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Mark Isham

Guitarist David Torn has been exploring the terrain between rock, jazz and mutated world music ever since first hearing Jimi Hendrix. His sonic voyages start with a rock sound, but using innovative looping and audio processing, Torn quickly transcends the limitations of that form. In 1994, he was lauded as "Best Experimental Guitarist" by Guitar Player Magazine Reader's Poll. Torn's music spans genres and blurs borders. His soundscape performances reflect his interest in textures, soundscapes and atmospheres.
This 1987 production signifies experimental guitarist David Torn's second and final effort for Germany-based ECM Records. Here, the artist exhibits a sound, style, and methodology that are clearly his own, amid superb support by Bill Bruford (drums), Tony Levin (Chapman Stick/bass), and Mark Isham (trumpets). Torn generates gobs of excitement via his cunningly articulated phraseology, while also incorporating North African and East Indian modal concepts into these power-packed performances, fabricated upon climactic opuses and steamy crescendos. The guitarist's rippling harmonics and off-kilter voicings make for an engaging listening experience, especially when he trades sprightly fours with Isham atop the often-circuitous rhythms. Simply put, Cloud About Mercury looms as one of the finest jazz fusion dates of the '80s, and should be deemed a mandatory purchase for aficionados of this genre. ~ Glenn Astarita, All Music Guide (thanks)

Label: ECM Records



(22.01.18 - 10:17) - igor120765:

Спасибо за репост! Любимейший альбом, откровение, красотища!!!!!


(22.01.18 - 11:53) - Jazz76:

[b]igor120765{/b], пожалуйста!


(22.01.18 - 11:54) - Jazz76:

igor120765, пожалуйста!


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