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Danny Kaye, Louis Armstrong - The Five Pennies (1958)

Исполнитель: Danny Kaye, Louis Armstrong
Название альбома: The Five Pennies
Год выпуска: 1959, London Records
Формат файлов: Mp3, 192
Размер архива: 52 Mb
Скачать с: rusfolder

The Five Pennies was a semi-biographical 1959 film starring Danny Kaye as cornet player and bandleader Loring Red Nichols. Other cast members included Barbara Bel Geddes, Harry Guardino, Bob Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Susan Gordon, and Tuesday Weld. The film was directed by Melville Shavelson.

The film received four Oscar nominations: Best Musical Scoring (Leith Stevens), Best Original Song (Danny Kaye's wife Sylvia Fine), Best Cinematography (Daniel L. Fapp), and Best Costumes (Edith Head).

The real Red Nichols recorded all of Kaye's cornet playing for the film soundtrack. The other musicians in Red's band were not asked to provide their musical contributions and the sound of his "band" was supplied by session players.

Red Nichols (Kaye) is a small-town cornet player who moves to New York City in the 1920s and finds work in a band led by Wil Paradise (Crosby). He meets and marries singer Bobbie Meredith (Bel Geddes), and the two form their own Dixieland band called "The Five Pennies" (a play on Nichols' name, since a nickel equals five pennies). As their popularity peaks, their young daughter Dorothy (Susan Gordon) contracts polio and the family leaves the music business, moving to Los Angeles. When Dorothy becomes a teen (Tuesday Weld) she learns of her father's music career and persuades him go on a comeback tour. The tour borders on failure until several notable musicians from Nichols' past appear to save the day.

Danny Kaye shows off his keen musical sense in the lead role of The Five Pennies, the life story of cornet master Red Nichols - or at least the Hollywood version of Nichols'd life. The movie gets off to a kicky start as Nichols joins a big-city band, meets his future wife (Barbara Bel Geddes), and sits in on a speakeasy session with Louis Armstrong. Armstrong's in the movie a lot, and there are smaller roles for other musical names such as Bob Crosby and Ray Anthony. The tunes include a batch of standards but also new songs written by Sylvia Fine, Danny Kaye's wife and the creator of his signature wordplay routines. The film's main dramatic device--that Nichols eventually sacrifices his career to care for a sick daughter - must be slogged through while the decent jazz sequences come and go. Whether you're a Danny Kaye fan or not, this film emphasizes his very real musical "touch" (in his manner, not his cornet playing; Red Nichols dubbed the horn himself). It also proved Kaye could handle melodrama at least as easily as frantic comedy, and yet this 1959 film was near the end of his run as a movie actor. Director Melville Shavelson, most associated with comedy, does an atmospheric job of staging the jazz numbers, especially in the colorful clubs. This is well-served by a snazzy transfer to DVD - even the opening credits are a treat, a cool example of late-1950s graphic design.
Robert Horton

Side 1
1. Main Title
2. The Five Pennies
3. After You've Gone
4. Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home
5. Indiana Radio Montage
6. Back Home Again In Indiana
7. Goodnight, Sleep Tight
8. Lullabye In Ragtime
9. Battle Hymn Of The Republic

Side 2
1. The Five Pennies Saints
2. College Montage: Washington And Lee Swing / Runnin' Wild / Follow The Leader
3. Medley
4. Just The Blues
5. Carnival Of Venice
6. The Music Goes 'Round And 'Round
7. Wails Of The Wind
8. Jingle Bells
9. The Five Pennies Finale And Battle Hymn Of The Republic Finale

Recorded at Paramount soundstage, Los Angeles, October 1-20, 1958

Studio orchestra conducted by LEITH STEVENS,
RED NICHOLS and His Five Pennies, LOUIS ARMTRONG and His All Stars

Studio orchestra conducted by Leith Stevens, including Bobby Goodrich, Clyde Hurley, Bobby Goodrich, Dick Cathcart, Mannie Klein (tp); Warren Smith, Pete Beilman (tb); Matty Matlock (cl,as); Stan Wrightsman (p); George Van Eps, Allen Reuss (g); Jack Sperling, Nick Fatool (d); Heinie Beau, Benny Carter, Alexander Courage (arr).

Red Nichols and His (augmented) Five Pennies: Red Nichols (tp, cnt); Elmer “Moe” Schneider (tb); Heinie Beau (cl,as,ts); Benny Carter (as); Wayne Songer (as, bs); Eddie Miller (ts); Joe Rushton (bs); Gene Plummer (p); Morty Corb (b); Shelly Manne (d).

Louis Armstrong and His All Stars: Louis Armstrong (tp, vcl); Trummy Young (tb); Peanuts Hucko (cl); Billy Kyle (p); Mort Herbert, Curtis Counce (b); Danny Barcelona (d)

Red Nichols plays trumpet solos for actor Danny Kaye, Eileen Wilson and Susan Gordon sing vocals for actress Barbara Bel Geddes and Tuesday Weld.



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