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Daniel Zimmermann - Montagnes Russes (2016)

Исполнитель: Daniel Zimmermann
Название альбома: Montagnes Russes
Год выпуска: 2016
Формат файлов: mp3,320 kbps
Размер архива: 153,2 Mb
Скачать с: turbobit

Second installment of Daniel Zimmerman, a French musician, who I admit he did not know and has built a reputation as a renovating trombonist in a wide range of styles. Out of the wake of a Samuel Blaser, just to place the most known musician in this instrument and contemporary at the end; this last production as a leader, demonstrates a new challenge, after his successful "Bone Machine".

There is no road map or manual to follow here: only a scattered terrain that asks for the footprint of an adventurous ear. Undaunted, he began to shape the roller coasters, which stand imposingly on the cover of the album; using the title as a statement of intent of what we are going to hear.

To transmute into music the steepness of the landscape with its ups and downs, its frozen passivity, its magic, the musician begins the ascent from a path that bifurcates with pertinence; between territories where the quartet gives free rein with fresh breath to a game of subtle textures. The melodic and protagónica complicity that there is between Pierre Durand and Daniel, conform the climates and the mixtures of the color.

The voice of the trombone creates lines with a certain hazy tone, where an intimate story emerges, stripping an open musician, unprejudiced and pierced by his art; while on the strings appears the expressive draft, the poetry, ideas renewed in full boiling.

I think they try to reconcile different sensitivities, and that essence comes together in the cut "Tiens aujourd'hui il ne fait pas Beau", a delicacy where the instrument of the leader borrows the sound of the most deadened Miles, with refined lyricism staging a range of sound planes achieved with great idyllic strength.

The quartet's offer is simple and varied but full of aesthetic value. For issues that go beyond the impact that caused me in the first listening and the repeated that happened to him, we are facing one of the most original and unexpected albums this year that is being dismissed. Come on baby !!!!!

01. Au temps ôtant 6:36
02. Mamelles 6:07
03. Mountain Girl 4:46
04. Dans le nu de la vie 9:00
05. Mademoiselle 5:54
06. Come on Baby 3:24
07. Mr. Squale 5:43
08. Montagne russes 7:11
09. Vieux beau 6:04
10. Tiens aujourd'hui il ne fait pas beau 6:43
11. Believe 3:03

Daniel Zimmermann (trombone)
Pierre Durand (guitare)
Jérôme Regard (basse)
Julien Charlet (batterie)

LABEL BLEU / L'Autre Distribution



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