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Dado Moroni Trio - Enzirado (2015)

Исполнитель: Dado Moroni Trio
Название альбома: Enzirado
Год выпуска: 2015
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 122,4 MB
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1. The Mighty Bobcat {Dado Moroni} (5:44)
2. Three Angels {Dado Moroni} (6:20)
3. Enzirado {Dado Moroni} (7:12)
4. Isn't It A Pity {George Gershwin} (7:34)
5. Black Forest Blues {Dado Moroni} (6:12)
6. Enzira {Enzo Zirilli, Ira Coleman} (2:49)
7. Blue Or What? {Dado Moroni} (6:59)
8. First Smile [Piano Solo] {Dado Moroni} (4:09)
9. The Cup Bearers {Tom McIntosh} (4:31)

Here we have splendid trio work formed by pianist Dado Moroni with bassist Ira Coleman and drummer Enzo Zirilli. All players have Italian heritage and are considered 'jazz masters' in their own right. These three performers, as Dado suggests come together to 'merge their experiences giving life to a project where tradition and modernity merge admirably'. The album title "Enzirado" is an acronym of their names and 'an imaginative word that "sounds" festive, joyful, as well as the sound of the disc which is exciting and nevertheless engaging and not frantic'. These individuals have known each other for quite some time, but due to commitments haven't always had the opportunity to play together. Such was the excitement 'we can't wait' that this collaboration arose to produce this fine album, a testimony of their friendship and synthesis of musicianship. The album features nine tracks, six of which are originals by Dado himself with one played as a solo "First Smile." Also included is a co-written piece by Enzo Zirilli and Ira Coleman and played as a duet. The two remaining tunes are classic jazz tunes; "Isn't It A Pity" by George Gershwin and "The Cup Bearers" by Tom McIntosh. Overall, this album conveys a Latin mood, which gives a sense of relaxation and enjoyment, by combining lightness, easy listening and, at the same time, intensity and power, Enjoy!

Dado Moroni - Piano, Electric Piano
Ira Coleman - Double Bass (#1-7,9)
Enzo Zirilli - Drums (#1-7,9)

Recorded 11th February, 2015 At Zerodieci Studio, Genova, Italy

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