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Consorts - Distinctions (2021)

Исполнитель: Consorts
Название альбома: Distinctions
Год выпуска: 2021
Формат файлов: Mp3 320kb/s
Размер архива: 105mb
Скачать с: Turbobit

Favouring lower-end instruments and instruments capable of sustaining longer tones, distinctions opens with brief drones, electronic sine waves, saxophone harmonics, the mellow thud of a bass clarinet. The boxy quality of what sounds like a stylophone disrupts the music’s tendency to reverie, mixing grit and grace as tones rise and shift in alternation, the crack of shifting seats and the movement of instruments in hands a part of the music’s patient, open texture. Instruments are heard in alternating segments, rather than simultaneously, giving a sense of line and finely gradated texture. What’s stressed is neither soloistic voicing, nor an all-over collective texture: individual instruments are readily identifiable, yet tones and voices uncannily cross and weave. As the piece progresses, Consorts revel in the timbral possibilities of high-volume instrumental combinations: a particularly rich whorl of caterwauling bass clarinets, baritone saxophone and rising ensemble tones at the 29-minute mark renders dissonance positively sensuous. As the piece moves towards its conclusion, the clarinets reach for the upper frequencies over a resounding, quasi Doom Metal repeated bass note of indeterminate source: the closest analogy I can think of is the London Improvisers’ Orchestra meets Sunn 0))). It’s cathartic, glorious: a cross between an aural bath and a cold shower. ‘Cacophony’, ecstasy, chaos, are the words critics tend to reach for to describe such moments. But this music resists any readily-drawn binaries between ‘structure’ and ‘feeling’, improvisation and composition, dissonance and consonance. Distinctions brings together in thick chorus a rich panoply of voices and influences that sets the stall for future work. Hear for yourself.
~ David Grundy

Label - Spoonhunt
Recorded live at Café Oto, London, on 13th January 2020, by Shaun Crook

Douglas Benford - harmonium and percussion
Steve Beresford - electronics
Marjolaine Charbin - piano
Chris Cundy - bass clarinet
Seth Cooke - steel sink and metal detector
Angharad Davies - viola
Phil Durrant - modular synth
Matthew Grigg - guitar/amplifier
Bruno Guastalla - cello
Martin Hackett - Korg MS10
Tim Hill - baritone saxophone
Tina Hitchens - flute
Sarah Hughes - zither
Mark Langford - bass clarinet
Dominic Lash - double bass
Yvonna Magda - violin
Hannah Marshall - cello
Helen Papaioannou - baritone saxophone
Yoni Silver - bass clarinet
Alex Ward - clarinet/amplifier

1. Distinctions 46:05



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