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Chuck Mangione - Live at the Village Gate (1989)

Исполнитель: Chuck Mangione
Название альбома: Live at the Village Gate
Год выпуска: 1989
Формат файлов: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер архива: 275.49 mb
Скачать с: rusfolder.com

After leading groups for over twenty years, I've learned to recognize when my band is on a roll and taking my music to another level. That's why I have a special affection for live recordings.
If you're lucky enough to capture this feeling on tape, it will live forever.
With this in mind, we traveled to New York City, moved into Art D'Lugoff's legendary "Village Gate," which was celebrating its thirtieth anniversary, and made it our home for a week. Each night enthusiastic audiences created an atmosphere that encouraged Joe, Mark, Chris, Billy, Rob and Gordon to approach the stage with the "Have Fun - Go for everything" attitude I was hoping for. The ensembles' playing was consistently strong. There was such an intensity coming from the rhythm section that encouraged each soloist to stretch out and bring new life to the music.
We were doing two shows a night, each lasting at least two hours. In retrospect, I now realize I created "High Class" trouble for myself by having so much unique and wonderful music on tape to choose from.
The highlights from this memorable week are contained in this recording. I truly hope that you enjoy the experience of being there with us, "Live at the Village Gate."
-Chuck Mangione '89

1-01. Intro 0:23
1-02. Once Upon A Love Time 16:32
1-03. Intro 1:27
1-04. Hot Consuelo 7:05
1-05. My Funny Valentine 14:00
1-06. Intro 1:05
1-07. Bellavia 5:51
1-08. Hide And Seek 13:30
1-09. Chase The Clouds Away 5:31
2-01. Land Of Make Believe 11:47
2-02. She's Gone 8:46
2-03. Legend Of The One-Eyed Sailor 9:52
2-04. B'Bye 11:26
2-05. Feels So Good 16:31
2-06. Intro 1:12
2-07. Freddies's Walkin' 4:56

Recorded live at The Village Gate 1989



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