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Chris Connor With Elliot Lawrence & Jim Lowe - Sound Flights Into Jazz Volume 10 (1959)

Исполнитель: Chris Connor, Elliot Lawrence, Jim Lowe
Название альбома: Sound Flights Into Jazz Volume 10
Год выпуска: 1959, USA Government's Air Force Recruitment Service
Формат файлов: Mp3, 192
Размер архива: 48 Mb
Скачать с: rusfolder

Очень редкий диск!

This LP was probably made for the use of AFRS radio stations, not for commercial retail. The album's back cover contains the following legend: "Prepared by Office of Information, Continental Air Command, Mitchell Air Force Base, New York."

The contents of six shows made by Connor for the Air Force Reserve Recruiting Service, all of them originally broadcast over participating AFRS stations. Jim Lowe is the host of all six shows. The in-house orchestra is billed as Elliot Lawrence And The All-Stars. Each show is only five minutes long. Timing allows for two songs (one in full, the other performed in part) and brief patter.

Normally, the incomplete performances last for one full chorus, before Lowe interjects his closing comments. While Lowe closes the show, Connor is still heard in the background, sometimes still singing the words, other times scatting the melody. There is some variance to those norms, however. In the case of "I Miss You So," two full choruses are heard before Lowe jumps in. In the case of "Angel Eyes," Connor's vocal consists of scatting only -- no lyrics.

As for the patter that vocalist and host exchange in these programs, it mixes some friendly banter (e. g., Connor and Lowe joke about the accent they both share, as "fellow Missourians") with recruiting propaganda ("it's smart for a girl to serve in the Air Force Reserve," a rhyming Connor enthusiastically proclaims).

All six shows start with the host identification of the personnel: "It's Jim Lowe and here we go on an Air Force Reserve Sound Flight with Chris Connor, Her Trio, plus Mundell Lowe on guitar, and Elliot Lawrence And The All-Stars. It's jazz at its best on Sound Flights."

Since the Trio's members are not identified by name, their individual identity can only be speculated. Ronnie Ball (piano), Dave Bailey (drums), and Ben Tucker (bass) are strong candidates because they can be found performing with Connor at a date that is relatively close in time (see July 16, 1961 session below). That same combo was playing for her, when she traveled to Japan in a package tour with The Horace Silver Quintet (1962). In the tour program, the singer and the three musicians are billed as Chris Connor And Her Trio, which is also the billing used in the Sound Flight programs.

Jim Lowe (born May 7, 1927) is an American singer-songwriter, best known for his 1956 number-one hit record, "Green Door". He also served as a disc jockey and radio host and personality, and has been considered an expert on the popular music of the 1940s and 1950s.

Side 1
Program 55
-Strike Up The Band
-Interview, All About Ronnie
Program 56
-Interview, Fine And Dandy
Program 57
-Señor Blues
-Interview, Angel Eyes

Side 2
Program 58
-I Hear The Music Now
-Interview, I Miss You So
Program 59
-It Don't Mean A Thing
-Interview, 'Round Midnight
Program 60
-Blow, Gabriel, Blow
-Interview, Lover Man
-All About Ronnie
-'Round Midnight
-Lover Man
-I Miss You So



(21.06.14 - 16:44) - macaralex:

Уважаемый Jaro, спасибо за оба альбома! Ваша щедрость не знает границ.


(21.06.14 - 17:46) - Jaro:

macaralex, пожалуйста! Но не стоит благодарностей - мне и самому приятно такую редкость "выложить"!


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