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Chris Barber's Jazz Band - Chris Barber's Blues Book Volume One/Good Mornin' Blues (1998)

Исполнитель: Chris Barber's Jazz Band
Название альбома: Chris Barber's Blues Book Volume One/Good Mornin' Blues
Год выпуска: 1998
Формат файлов: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер архива: 170.21 mb
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This two-fer of albums from the Chris Barber Band is from 1960 and 1964. The first features vocalist Ottilie Patterson, who joined the outfit in 1955 and was one of the finest blues singers ever to come out of Britain. Influenced by Bessie Smith, she holds her own throughout Barber's Blues Book, from her own "Bad Spell Blues" to Bessie Smith's "Back Water Blues." The trad jazz backing never gets overpowering and offers some wonderful playing - especially Monty Sunshine's clarinet work on "Four Point Blues." Good Morning Blues is more of a mixed bag, with Barber himself taking on a number of vocal chores (Patterson does appear on five cuts, including a wonderful "Frankie and Johnny"). The addition of electric guitar makes the sound a little more raucous, and the band has toned down the trad side of their jazz - "Morning Train," for example, is very much an R&B instrumental, as is their take onLionel Hampton's "Hamp's Blues." While their style might seem dated now, in their time they were a very influential outfit, one of the first to regularly include blues in their live sets as an important element of their sound. And they could swing their blues too - a listen to the rhythm section on "Finishing Straight" readily confirms that. These records stand not only as some fine music, but also as insight into one segment of the British blues boom - indeed, one of its launching points - which has too often been ignored.

1. Bad Spell Blues
2. Kid Man Blues
3. Four Point Blues
4. Back Water Blues
5. Kansas City Blues
6. It's All Over
7. Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean
8. Tell Me Why
9. Can't Afford To Do It
10. Blues Before Sunrise
11. Me And My Chauffeur
12. Trixie's Blues
13. Good Mornin' Blues
14. Morning Train
15. Bad Luck Blues
16. Mary-Ann
17. Who's Been Here Since I've Been Gone
18. Frankie And Johnny
19. Finishing Straight
20. Hamp's Blues
21. If I Have A Ticket
22. The Great Bear
23. When Things Go Wrong
24. Sweetest Little Baby
25. Jeep's Blues
26. Back To The Country

1-12 Chris Barber's Blues Book Volume One 1961
Ottilie Patterson - Vocal
Chris Barber - Trombone
Pat Halcox - Trumpet
Monty Sunshine - Clarinet
Eddie Smith - Banjo
Dick Smith - Bass
Graham Burbidge - Drums

Recorded July 1960

13-26 Good Mornin' Blues
(a) Chris Barber - Trombone, Vocal; Pat Halcox - Trumpet, Vocal; John Slaughter - Electric Guitar; Eddie Smith - Rhythm Guitar, Banjo; Dick Smith - Double Bass; Graham Burbidge - Drums; Ian Wheeler - Harmonica, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone.
(b) As above, but omit Halcox; add Jimmy Deuchar - Trum-pet, Ronnie Scott - Tenor Saxophone.
(c) As (a) exept Ottilie Patterson - Vocal.
(d) As (a) exept Ottilie Patterson - Vocal, Chris Barber - Vocal, Pat Halcox - Vocal.
(e) As (a), but omit John Slaughter add Norrie Paramor, Pe-ter Bardens - Piano
(f) As (a) exept Ottilie Patterson - Piano, Vocal.
(g) As (a), but substitute Jimmy Deuchar for Pat Halcox (Trumpet)

Recorded in 1964


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