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Charlie Haden - The Montreal Tapes (1989)

Исполнитель: Charlie Haden
Название альбома: The Montreal Tapes
Год выпуска: 1989
Формат файлов: Mp3 320kbps cbr
Размер архива: Total: 475Mb rar
Скачать с: Ifolder

В 1989 году на Международном фестивале «Джаз-де-де Монреаль» была организована серия из восьми концертов в честь басиста Чарли Хейденена. Были записаны сессии:
30 June with Joe Henderson and Al Foster
01 July with Geri Allen and Paul Motian
02 July with Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell
03 July with Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Paul Motian
05 July with Pat Metheney and Jack Dejohnette
06 July with Egberto Gismonti
07 July with Paul Bley & Paul Motian
08 July with Liberation Music Orchestra (Tom Harrell, Stanton Davis, Ken McIntyre, Ernie Watts, Joe Lovano, Ray Anderson, Sharon Freeman, JoeDaley, Mick Goodrick, Geri Allen, Paul Motian)
Из них четыре на сайте представлены.
Даю недостающие.

Charlie Haden com Joe Henderson e Al Foster

"Recorded on the opening night of the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal as part of an eight-concert series paying tribute to Charlie Haden. While the other evenings all featured stellar musicians and wonderful collaborations, this one is special because it features Haden in a trio of players not usually associated with him: drummer Al Foster -- fresh from Miles Davis' band, and the late tenor giant Joe Henderson. In fact, Haden has subtitled the set, "Tribute to Joe Henderson." There are four extended tunes on the set, the shortest of which is the opener, a gorgeous, wide open rendering of Thelonious Monk's "'Round Midnight," on which Henderson begins to display some of the same modal soloing traits he employed on his Blue Note recordings Mode for Joe, and Inner Urge. As if this weren't enough, the trio ranges from the lyrically and harmonically sublime reinvention of Jerome Kern's "All the Things You Are," to a wildly adventurous free jazz ride on Haden's "In the Moment" -- which begins like a classic bop tune and then forgoes all changes and time signatures in favor of pure improvisation -- to a 20-minute blastoff take on Charlie Parker's "Passport" to close the set. There is no lack of intensity or concentration, no mere going-through-the-motions here. This set is a powerful testament to the inherent musical communication of swing between three fine principals, and one of the best live trio dates issued in years."
~ Thom Jurek, AMG

Recorded live on June 30, 1989 at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal
(salle Marie-Gérin-Lajoie de l'UQAM), Québec, Canada
Release Date - February 24, 2004 (Verve B0001979-02)

Charlie Haden - Double Bass
Joe Henderson - Saxophone
Al Foster - Drums

1. 'Round Midnight (Williams, Monk, Hanighen) (12:00)
2. All the Things You Are (Kern, Hammerstein II) (19:19)
3. In the Moment (Haden) (14:41)
4. Passport (Parker) (20:56)


Charlie Haden com Don Cherry e Ed Blackwell

"This has to be one of my favorite performances from one of the tightest ensembles ever to play in this idiom. Although it is Haden's album, this is really a group effort. Each individual shines in their respective role. I am constantly amazed by the subtlety and melodic quality of Ed Blackwell's drumming. As a music professor, specifically a jazz instructor, I have made all of my drum students study this album. Nor can enough be said about Haden's playing at this concert. He builds his lines with an authority that is assured and vibrant. The musical logic in his ideas are breathtaking. You can hear where he is taking his line and when he gets there, it's nirvana. One highlight of this album is Don Cherry's Art Deco, there's a certain wistfulness in the playing that compelled me to keep turning to this performance over and over again after I learned of his passing. Okay, so I like this recording. I strongly recommend it."
~ amazon.com

Recorded live on July 2, 1989 at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, Canada
Released 1994

Charlie Haden - bass
Don Cherry - pocket trumpet
Ed Blackwell - drums

1. The Sphinx (Coleman) (09:31)
2. Art Deco (Cherry) (06:24)
3. Happy House (Coleman) (08:24)
4. Lonely Woman (Coleman) (11:41)
5. Mopti (Cherry) (05:29)
6. The Blessing (Coleman) (06:01)
7. When Will the Blues Leave? (Coleman) (04:04)
8. Law Years (Coleman) (06:46)


Charlie Haden with Pat Metheny & Jack DeJohnette

Label - Bootleg
Recorded – July, 05 1989

Bass – Charlie Haden
Drums – Jack DeJohnette
Guitar – Pat Metheny

1. Blues For Pat (Charlie Haden) (14:08)
2. Radio Dialog (2:01)
3. The Bat (Pat Metheny) (8:31)
4. Radio Dialog (1:00)
5. The Calling Part 1 (Pat Metheny) (19:41)
6. The Calling Part 2 (Pat Metheny) (4:50)
7. Radio Dialog (1:03)
8. Segment (Charlie Parker) (4:15)
Playtime: 55:22

скачать VBR-0

Charlie Haden with Paul Bley and Paul Motian

"Performed as one of eight concerts at the 1989 Montreal Jazz Festival that featured bassist Charlie Haden, this trio set teams Haden with pianist Paul Bley and drummer Paul Motian. Playing adventurous but unclassifiable music that falls between bop and the avant-garde, the trio contributes one original apiece and also interprets four Ornette Coleman tunes and Carla Bley's classic "Ida Lupino." The musical communication between the three masterful players is impressive on this generally introspective set."
~ Scott Yanow, AMG

Recorded live on July 7, 1989 at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, Canada
Released 1994

Charlie Haden - bass
Paul Bley - piano
Paul Motian - drums

1. Turnaround/When Will the Blues Leave? (Ornette Coleman) (13:17)
2. New Beginning (Charlie Haden) (08:47)
3. Cross Road (Ornette Coleman) (06:40)
4. So Far, So Good (Paul Bley) (07:27)
5. Ida Lupino (Carla Bley) (11:19)
6. Latin Genetics (Ornette Coleman) (04:35)
7. Body Beautiful (Paul Motian) (08:03)
8. Turnaround (Ornette Coleman) (07:51)


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