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Carmen McRae - By Special Request (1955)

Исполнитель: Carmen McRae
Название альбома: By Special Request
Год выпуска: 1955
Формат файлов: mp3/320kbps
Размер архива: 116mb
Скачать с: rusfolder.com

Other than a record for Bethlehem and a few scattered selections, this LP (most of which has been reissued on CD) has Carmen McRae's earliest recordings. Although her voice is higher than it would be and her style is not as recognizable, she was already a top-notch singer at this early stage. Some numbers have McRae joined by the Mat Matthews Quintet (featuring Matthews on accordion and the young Herbie Mann on flute), while others have her joined by pianist Dick Katz, guitarist Mundell Lowe, bassist Wendell Marshall, and her ex-husband Kenny Clarke on drums. McRae plays piano on "Suppertime," and Billy Strayhorn sits in on his own "Something to Live For." Among the other songs that McRae uplifts and swings are "Give Me the Simple Life," "Sometimes I'm Happy," "Yardbird Suite," and "This Will Make You Laugh."

1.Give Me the Simple Life
2.Sometimes I'm Happy
3.Love Is Here to Stay
4.Something to Live For
5.I Can't Get Started
6.Yardbird Suite
7.Just One of Those Things
8.This Will Make You Laugh
9.My One and Only Love
10.I'll Remember April
11.Supper Time
12.You Took Advantage of Me
13.They All Laughed (Bonus)
14.Keep Me in Mind (Bonus)
15.Ooh (What Cha Doin' to Me) (Bonus)
16.If I'm Lucky (I'll Be the One) (Bonus)
17.Georgia Rose (Bonus)

Personnel # 1-12:
Carmen McRae-vocal & piano (# 11)
Billy Strayhorn-piano (# 4)
Dick Katz-piano (other track)
Mat Mathews-accordion
Herbie Mann-flute
Mundell Lowe-guitar
Wendell Marshall-bass
Kenny Clarke-drums

Personnel # 13-17:
Carmen McRae-vocal
Others unknown



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