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Carmen Cicero - Friends (2017)

Исполнитель: Carmen Cicero
Название альбома: Friends
Год выпуска: 2017
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 120,4 MB
Скачать с: depositfiles

01. Autumn In New York (2:28)
02. You Stepped Out Of A Dream (5:23)
03. My Buddy (4:00)
04. Every Time We Say Goodbye (3:53)
05. You’re My Everything (3:56)
06. I Cover The Waterfront (3:29)
07. My Romance (7:34)
08. My Old Flame (Feat. Donna Byrne) (5:24)
09. You Are My Sunshine (Feat. Donna Byrne) (2:34)
10. If I Had You (Feat. Donna Byrne) (2:38)
11. Day By Day (Feat. Donna Byrne) (2:27)
12. But Not For Me (6:29)

Carmen Cicero was trained as a concert classical clarinetist as a child, switching to alto saxophone in his early '20s and playing jazz. He played free-form jazz for many years and was reviewed in "Downbeat Magazine". In this, his second CD, Carmen has added several world-class musicians, some of whom he has performed with for many years. Following is Cicero's introduction to his new CD "Friends":
On Dec. 9, 1971, I had a devastating fire in my studio and lost all of my musical instruments. As a consequence, I stopped playing for a number of years, but finally acquired a saxophone and started practicing again. I was, of course, rusty. By a stroke of good fortune, I met the pianist Kent Hewitt who, despite my inadequacies, allowed me to sit in with his group. We soon became great friends and have played together ever since. Kent is a remarkable person and pianist who has worked with some of America’s most famous jazz musicians.
I became acquainted with Marshall Wood shortly after my friendship with Kent began. Marshall is without doubt a world-class bassist (presently working with Tony Bennett). Marshall’s outstanding musicianship and intelligence made it easy for us to become lasting friends.
I came to know Donna Byrne while playing concerts with her in Provincetown, MA. Donna not only has a superb singing voice (Tony Bennett called her ”…one of the best jazz singers in America”); she also has the ability to relate to her audience with warmth and professional ease. It was through her great sense of humor, however, that we became fast friends.
Our drummer was unable to be with us for this recording, however, we were very fortunate to get Jim Guin, a highly-regarded drummer who has worked with the Boston Pops for many years. Kent, Marshall and Jim form a fabulous rhythm section. We hope that you enjoy listening to us as much as we enjoyed playing together.



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