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Buddy Banks, Bobby Jaspar - Jazz De Chambre (1954)

Исполнитель: Buddy Banks, Bobby Jaspar
Название альбома: Jazz De Chambre
Год выпуска: 2000
Формат файлов: Mp3? 320
Размер архива: 98 Mb
Скачать с: ifolder

Part of the fun of listening to Universal Music's Jazz in Paris series is digging into their compilations of obscure recordings, such as these two mid-'50s sessions, led by Buddy Banks and Bobby Jaspar. Banks, originally a saxophonist who switched to bass, had arrived in Europe after World War II; he is accompanied by drummer Roy Haynes, pianist Bob Dorough, and guitarist Jimmy Gourley. The leader takes the spotlight in a subtle take of "Yesterdays," though a strange clicking mars an otherwise swinging "I Love You." Banks' group also offers serviceable interpretations of modern pieces like Gerry Mulligan's "Line for Lyons" and Milt Jackson's "Bag's Groove." The partnership of Belgian flutist Bobby Jaspar and American pianist Blossom Dearie was rather brief. Married not long after they met, they recorded just four selections together in 1956 with bassist Benoit Quersin and drummer Christian Garros, then went their separate ways. The best track is the snappy arrangement of "Old Devil Moon." Dearie adds a quick bit of celesta to their abbreviated take of "There Will Never Be Another You." The four standards on this session are enjoyable, though they might have benefited from adding a second reed or brass instrument to provide some variety.
Ken Dryden, AMG

01. A Night In Tunisia
02. Almost Like Being In Love
03. Bag's Groove
04. Yesterdays
05. I Love You
06. Line For Lyons
07. You Go To My Head
08. Buddy Banks Blues
09. Old Devil Moon
10. Autumn In New York
11. Flamingo
12. There Will Never Be Another You

Buddy Banks - Arranger, Double Bass
Blossom Dearie - Piano
Bob Dorough - Piano
Christian Garros - Drums
Jimmy Gourley - Guitar
Roy Haynes - Drums
Bobby Jaspar - Flute
Benoit Quersin - Double Alto


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