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Brian Lynch - Songbook Vol. 2: Dance the Way U Want To (2018)

Исполнитель: Brian Lynch & Sphere Of Influence
Название альбома: Songbook Vol. 2: Dance the Way U Want To
Год выпуска: 2022
Формат файлов: FLAC/MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 541 MB/197,9 MB
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1 E.P.'s Plan B (8:20)
2 Change of Plan (9:00)
3 Across the Bridge (8:10)
4 Dance the Way U Want To (7:07)
5 The Disco Godfather (10:19)
6 Tom Harrell (7:50)
7 Silent Conversation (7:22)
8 Que Seriá La Vida (8:41)
9 Awe Shocks (8:27)
10 Tom Harrell Alternate Take (7:49)

Dance The Way U Want To continues my Songbook project of reclaiming my original compositions recorded on various labels for my own Hollistic MusicWorks imprint. After the success of Vol.1 (Bus Stop Serenade, named on of the top 40 albums of 2021 by Jazz Times magazine) Dance The Way U Want To continues the journey through my past catalogue by exploring the Latin-Jazz side of my work, in fresh versions of material written over more than three decades. In addition, two new compositions make their debut on this album, shout outs to maestro Eddie Palmieri (E.P.’s Plan B) and pioneering Black comedian/filmmaker Rudy Ray Moore (The Disco Godfather).

Dance The Way U Want To documents an important phase of my musical life through the great players that form the group on this album, the Miami edition of my long-running Spheres Of Influence. Drummer Hilario Bell, percussionist Murphy Aucamp, pianists Alex Brown and Kemuel Roig, bassist Rodner Padilla, and saxophonists Tom Kelly, Chris Thompson-Taylor, and Aldo Salvent have all been valued collaborators in my groups over the last few years, and are brilliant examples of the talent resident in or frequenting the South Florida region.

The reason I started my own label was to give myself the freedom to record my own music, along with the music of other artists who I enjoy and respect, in a manner that realizes the potential of the music to the furthest extent possible. I think that Dance The Way U Want To fulfills that vision magnificently, with great playing, superb sound quality and production values that make these new renditions truly definitive.

- Brian Lynch

Brian Lynch - trumpet
Tom Kelley - alto saxophone (Change Of Plan, Across The Bridge, Silent Conversation, Awe Shocks)
Aldo Salvent - tenor saxophone (E.P’s Plan B, The Disco Godfather)
Chris Thompson-Taylor - tenor saxophone (Change Of Plan, Dance The Way U Want To, Tom Harrell, Awe Shocks)
Kemuel Roig - piano (Change Of Plan, Dance The Way U Want To, Tom Harrell, Silent Conversation, Que Seriá La Vida)
Alex Brown - piano (E.P.’s Plan B, Across The Bridge, The Disco Godfather, Awe Shocks)
Rodner Padilla - electric bass
Hilario Bell - drums
Murphy Aucamp - percussion

All music composed by Brian Lynch except “Que Seriá La Vida” composed by Brian Lynch and Lila Downs

Label: Hollistic MusicWorks

Recorded 2018 at Austin Weeks Performance And Recording Center, Coral Gables FL

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