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Bobby Taylor - The Motown Anthology (2006)

Исполнитель: Bobby Taylor
Название альбома: The Motown Anthology
Год выпуска: 2006
Формат файлов: mp3,320 kb
Размер архива: 353 mb
Скачать с: dfiles

01. Does Your Mama Know About Me
02. So thsi Is Love
03. I Am Your Man
04. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
05. Malinda
06. Fading Away
07. You Gave me Something (And Everything's Alright)
08. It's Growing [Single Version]
09. One Girl
10. Try A Little Tenderness
11. Day By Day Or Never
12. If You Love Her
13. Out In The Country
14. Oh, I've Been Blessed
15. How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone
16. My Girl Has Gone
17. Eleanor Rigby
18. I Just Can't Carry On
19. I Need To Belong To Someone
20. Don't Be Afraid
21. One Too Many Heartaches - 03:08
22. It Should Have Been Me Loving Her
23. Little Miss Sweetness
24. Serve Yourself A Cup Of Happiness

01. Blackmail
02. Hey Lordy
03. Just A Little Bit Closer
04. Memories
05. All I Need
06. Weekend Vacation
07. Soul Man
08. Harlem
09. Meeting Over Yonder
10. I Should Have Known It Was You My Love
11. Sometimes I Wonder
12. I Can Feel The Rain
13. A Little Too Much
14. Two Sides To Love
15. child Of Tears
16. Further Up The Road
17. Where Would I Be Without You Baby
18. Grandma's Hands
19. In Other Words (Fly Me To The Moon)
20. Park St. Bridge
21. Look Before You Leap
22. The Bigger You Love The Harder You Fall / Chained [Live]



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