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Bobby Matos - My Latin Soul (1968)

Исполнитель: Bobby Matos
Название альбома: My Latin Soul
Год выпуска: 1968, CuBop
Формат файлов: Mp3, 320
Размер архива: 85 Mb
Скачать с: rusfolder

Bobby Matos (born on July 24, 1941 in the Bronx, New York) is a Latin jazz percussionist.

He began playing music by hitting pots and pans in his grandmother's apartment. As a youth, he studied with conga drum masters Patato Valdez and Mongo Santamaría. While playing all over New York, he was encouraged to play timbales by Willie Bobo and Tito Puente[1] and in the late 60s attended The New School and the Manhattan School of Music. Around this time, he recorded "My Latin Soul" for Phillips International Records, which made his reputation as a bandleader.
Matos has toured and recorded with artists Ben Vereen, Bette Midler, Fred Neil, Jim Croce, Joe Loco, Ray Rivera, Miriam Makeba, and scores of others. He has an extensive discography and 5 critically acclaimed albums with Ubiquity Records. His latest record is "Gratitude" on Dawan Muhammadd's LifeForce jazz label.

ong a rare, highly valued album, My Latin Soul swings confidently in and out of both Latin soul (boogaloo) and Latin jazz. While drummer Bobby Matos' singing is not equal to that of many of his peers, he does carry off both slow ballads ("Te Adoro a Ti") as well as more predictable dance-crowd fare, such as "Hip, Cool, and Groovy" (which nevertheless is a Latin-soul landmark). The ostensible boogaloo "La Cosa de Ritchie" quickly erupts into a jazzy descarga. The cover of "One Mint Julep" is a welcome surprise, offering as it does a slight reprieve from the Kenny Burrell Octet's masterful bossa nova version. My Latin Soul may not be the best anything, but it does excel at nearly everything; Matos' debut album has hit-single potential, is dud-free and serves up enough top Latin, jazz and soul to please every listener.
Tony Wilds, AMG

Side 1
1. Nadie Baila Como Yo
2. En Casa De Alfredo
3. Caliente Y Grasoso
4. Te Adoro A Ti
5. La Cosa De Ritchie
6. Me Tienes Loco

Side 2
1. Tema De Alma Latina
2. Mambo Maxims
3. One Mint Julep
4. Raices
5. Trailo A Casa



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