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Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band - Fletcher Henderson's Unrecorded Arrangements for Benny Goodman (1999)

Исполнитель: Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band
Название альбома: Fletcher Henderson's Unrecorded Arrangements for Benny Goodman
Год выпуска: 2000
Формат файлов: Mp3, 320
Размер архива: 171 Mb
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Fletcher Henderson was always Benny Goodman's favorite arranger. He contributed many charts for BG's big band from 1934 up until 1947, and Goodman revived quite a few of the arrangements in later years. However along the way, the clarinetist did not have the opportunity to record all of Henderson's charts for his band, which numbered 300-400. Many of the "lost" unrecorded charts were donated by Goodman to the Yale University archives or to Lincoln Center. In the late 1990s, clarinetist Bob Wilber and Paul Cheron of the Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse, France collaborated and recorded 17 of the arrangements. With Wilber taking clarinet solos in Goodman's style and the big band sounding very close to Goodman's (the trumpet section is quite outstanding), full justice was done to these long lost works. Among the many highlights are "Rose Of The Rio Grande," "Song Of The Wanderer," "Sunday," "Sugar" and "Milenberg Joys." The final selection, "Bojangles Of Harlem," is the only departure as Wilber jams on the tune with just the rhythm section. A perfectly-realized project featuring "new" swing.
Scott Yanow

01. Rose Of The Rio Grande
02. Blue (And Broken-Hearted)
03. Song Of The Wanderer
04. Out Of Nowhere
05. Humoresque
06. Poor Butterfly
07. Rosalie
08. All My Life
09. Thou Swell
10. She's Funny That Way (I Got A Woman, Crazy For Me)
11. Sunday
12. Sweet Lorraine
13. S'posin'
14. Sugar
15. Sweet And Slow
16. Milenberg Joys
17. Bojangles Of Harlem

Recorded at Polygone Studios, Toulouse-Blagnac, France (07/07/1999-07/09/1999)

Bob Wilber, Guest Conductor and Soloist, Clarinet
The Tuxedo Big Band
Musical Director: Paul Sheron
Trumpets: Jean Imbert (lead), Eric Robert, Philippe Laudet, Jacques Sallent
Trombones: Laurent Hotta, Didier Pascal, Michel Chalot
Saxophones: Paul Cheron (lead as), Stephan Lourties (as), Michel Pastre (ts), Gerald Batbie (ts), Guy Robert (bs)
Piano: Thierry Olle
Guitar: Henri Sheron
Bass: Pierre-Luc Puig
Drums: Jean-Luc Guiraud


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(28.04.13 - 14:40) - Swing:

Просто блеск,очаровывает с первых тактов.Спасибо вам Jaro за оба альбома.smile up


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Jaro, с Rusfolder файл удалён. sad


(28.04.13 - 21:03) - Jaro:

Вот правильная ссылка http://rusfolder.com/36178152
Swing, пожалуйста!


(29.04.13 - 20:47) - garson:

Jaro, спасибо, прекрасные посвящения Benny! up wink


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