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Bill Stewart - Telepathy (1997) re-up

Исполнитель: Bill Stewart
Название альбома: Telepathy
Год выпуска: 1997
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 138,3 MB
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1. These Are They {Bill Stewart} (8:44)
2. Mynah {Bill Stewart} (5:36)
3. Happy Chickens {Bill Stewart} (6:23)
4. Lyra {Bill Stewart} (7:37)
5. Rhythm-A-Ning {Thelonous Monk} (5:39)
6. Dwell On This {Bill Stewart} (6:51)
7. Calm {Bill Stewart} (6:49)
8. Fano {Bill Stewart} (6:31)
9. Little Melonae {Jackie McLean} (4:11)

Telepathy is his second date as a leader and it offers further evidence of his talents as both instrumentalist and composer. Stewart’s compositions range from aggressive to introspective and he has chosen a superb roster of musicians to assist him in his musical expression. Saxophonists Steve Wilson (alto and soprano) and Seamus Blake (tenor) are also coming into their own as great improvisers and their ideas and interplay are constantly engaging. Pianist Bill Carrothers is less well-known but is featured prominently and his imaginative harmonic sense invites close listening and the hope that he will appear more often on disc. Larry Grenadier’s bass work is superb. On one of your listens to this disc, focus on his bassistic creations. Great stuff!

Of the nine tunes on this disc only two are from the jazz canon. Jackie McLean’s "Little Melonae" and Monk’s "Rhythm-A-Ning" are given fresh treatments with Blake blazing through the Monk accompanied only by Stewart and Carrothers, while only the rhythm section is spotlighted on McLean’s great tune. The remaining tunes were penned by the leader. Stewart’s compositions range from angular and aggressive to dark and moody. Try to keep from smiling as Blake squawks and struts on "Happy Chickens." Blake and Wilson get into a wildly raucous mood on "Fano," exchanging ideas and honks, followed by some intensely creative statements from Grenadier and Stewart. "Calm" is a beautiful ballad feature for Carrothers, with the leader painting soft colors with brushes. Stewart proves to be as imaginative in his writing as in his drumming.

This is a rewarding disc, straight from the jazz tradition but consistently original and forward-looking. Highly recommended. ~ by Rick Bruner, AAJ.

Blue Note, CDP 7243 8 53210 2 3, 1997
Recorded 29th & 30th September, 1996 At Clinton Recording Studios, New York City

Bill Stewart - Drums
Seamus Blake, Steve Wilson - Saxophone
Bill Carrothers - Piano
Larry Grenadier - Double Bass

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