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Bill Holman - The Fabulous Bill Holman, His Octet & Orchestra (1954, 1957)

Исполнитель: Bill Holman
Название альбома: The Fabulous Bill Holman, His Octet & Orchestra
Год выпуска: 2006, Fresh Sound Records FSRCD 2219
Формат файлов: Mp3, 320
Размер архива: 172 Mb
Скачать с: rusfolder

"Bill Holman is one of the most amazing talents of this era. His music is natural; he tolerates no force or hostility in his jazz. One of the composers of modern day linear writing, he has already affected the necessary change in the growth of orchestrated jazz. Holman’s dry wit is one of his most entertaining attributes. His music, though technically serious, is a mirror of his happy philosophy––at times even humorous. He enjoys a unanimous affection from all in jazz, both musically and personally," said Stan Kenton.

According to Holman: "Melodically, I try to write human, singable lines with natural curves, sometimes trying for an improvised feel... Rhythmically, I use a lot of syncopation and off-beat accents in the ensembles as a band seems to be able to get together easier on off beats than on on beats."
Liner notes

01. Sparkle
02. Tanglefoot
03. Song Without Words
04. Awfully Busy
05. Plain Folks
06. Back To Minors
07. Cousin Jack
08. On The Town
09. Jughaid
10. Locomotion
11. Airegin
12. Evil Eyes
13. You And I
14. Bright Eyes
15. Come Rain Or Come Shine
16. The Big Street

Personnel and dates:

Tracks 1-8:
Bill Holman Octet with Don Fagerquist (tp), Bob Enevoldsen, Stu Williamson (vtb), Herb Geller (as), Bill Holman (ts), Bob Gordon (bs), Curtis Counce (b), Stan Levey (d) Recorded in Hollywood, on May 4 & 12, 1954.

Tracks 9-10: Same personnel but Nick Travis replaces Fagerquist, and Max Bennett replaces Counces.
Recorded in Hollywood, on August 2, 1954.

Tracks 11-14:
Bill Holman Orchestra with Conte Candoli, Ray Lynn, Al Porcino (tp), Harry Betts, Bob Fitzpatrick, Ray Sims (tb), Stu Williamson (vtb), Herb Geller, Charlie Mariano (as), Bill Holman, Richie Kamuca, Charlie Kennedy (ts), Steve Perlow (bs), Lou Levy (p), Max Bennett (b), Mel Lewis (d)
Recorded in Hollywood, on April 25, 1957.

Tracks 15-16: Same personnel but Lewis McCreary replaces Betts.
Recorded in Hollywood, on April 29, 1957.



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