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Big Jay McNeely - Blow The Wall Down (1990)

Исполнитель: Big Jay McNeely
Название альбома: Blow The Wall Down
Год выпуска: 1990
Формат файлов: mp3/320cbr
Размер архива: 115 mb
Скачать с: narod.ru

1. Everybody Needs Somebody
2. Blow The Wall Down
3. Country Boy
4. Zydeco Stroll
5. Tequila
6. Going To Paint The Town Red
7. Harlem Nocturne
8. Something On Your Mind
9. Tough
10. Jay Jay
11. Young Girl
12. Pretty Girls
13. Summertime

Big Jay McNeely (sax, vocals)
Klaus Badorf (guitar)
Doris Assenheimer (sax)
Kevin Duvernay (bass)
Tommie Harris (drums, percussion)
The Sing-The-Wall-Down-Choir conducted by T. Harris (background vocals)
Udo Wolff (harmonica)
Yves Gueit (cajun accordeon)

From the liner notes:
In another era, when R & B was very young and some wild sax players were setting the fashion, he was one of the wildest: CecilJames McNeely, known as BIG JAY, born on April 29, 1927 in Watts, the black ghetto of Los Angeles. He has played saxophone since his High School days, became a bandleader when he was seventeen, signed his first recording contract in 1946 and had his biggest hit in 1959 with "Something On Your Mind". This song stayed in the Rhythm & Blues charts for more than six months and in the meantime it became a blues classic.
"Honking and screaming" - that's what they called the style of music that was played by a young generation of musicians (among them: Big Jay) at the end of the fourties: loud, shrill, ecstatic. It was the time when the "sex crept into the sax" - the birth of Rock'n'Roll. When Motown and the Beatles swept away the originators of Rock, Big Jay still "kept his saxophone out of the case, ready for his next moment in the spotlight" as Jim Dawson wrote in 1984. Some of those moments came in 1987 when he appeared at the Grammy Award Show with B.B. King, Robert Cray, Etta James and others and in 1989, when Chris Rannenberg + Gary Wiggins (a/k/a The International Blues Duo - also on Ornament CH-7.540) brought Big Jay over to Europe with tremendous success. Now the "Original Honker and Barwalker" is back on the scene again, stronger than ever. Those who saw him and the band live in concert will enthusiastically agree. It's a lot like Michael Stoll wrote about one of Big Jay's performances: "... and when, after several encores, Big Jay McNeely is leaving the stage he can be satisfied: quite a few more kids know now that Michael Jackson was not the originator of pop music and that the true pioneers of Rhythm & Blues aren't buried yet."
With first-rate accompaniment and a great variety of music this album is considered to be his best for the last two decades. It'll rock you and move you. It's guaranteed to "BLOW YOUR WALLS DOWN"!


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