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Berkeley Rhythm - Berkeley Rhythm Vol.1 (1971)

Исполнитель: Berkeley Rhythm
Название альбома: Berkeley Rhythm Vol.1
Год выпуска: 1971, Berkeley Rhythm Records
Формат файлов: Mp3, 320
Размер архива: 119 Mb
Скачать с: turbobit, gigapeta

I remember a Spring night two years ago when we taped this music. It was a weeknight, a long session, and most of the band had to get up early the next day to make a living by doing something other than playing jazz (Jim Goodwin is the lucky one, not having done any legitimate work in years). We were tired, but excited about a band sound that had taken shape that night. It had been fun, feelings were high, and we stayed up the rest of the night listening to the whole tape, something that musicians, after a night of playing and drinking, usually put off until later. It sounded good to us then, and after many listenings it is still satisfying now. This was a basement session at Jim Cumming’s house, and while there are a few miscues and some recording imperfections, we blew life into a band as if we were one man instead of seven.

In many ways it has been a long time from then to now. The band as it stands on this record never worked a job. Tenor saxophonist Dave Clarkson, “ringleader” of the part-playing by the horns, died a few months after this was recorded. He brought a lyrical flow to the band that taught me much about how to swing, and I will always love his sound.

After Dave’s death we disbanded for several months. Then one night when we had planned a session with Bob Mielke on trombone in the tenor’s place, we got a job call. After that we had more work, enough to keep anticipations alive. And I began to make arrangements, patterns of sound to fit the moods and talents of the men in the band, the only
kind of arranging that I think is artistically valid.

But the patterns of sound were blossoming that night before
anything had ever been written down. “I Never Knew” was the first song we played, and I went dancing-mad when the horns hit that riff at the end. Jim Goodwin has a fine sense of drama, Richard Hadlock likes to weave around Jim’s lead line and pull lyrical surprises, and Dave (I wish he had been closer to the microphone) lays back and uses time and open space to complete the sound.

I see the rhythm as a kind of lateral flow. Jack Knox, Oz Ramsey, Jim Cumming and I work best when we can get close together and try to boot the band along, or when we get ‘‘way down” to generate the subtle excitement of a rhythm section solo.
Berkeley Rhythm is the kind of dance I like!


Side 1
A1. I Never Knew
A2. Crazy Rhythm
A3. Jive At Five
A4. Blue Air Blues

Side 2
B1. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
B2. How Can You Face Me
B3. I Would Do Anything For You
B4. Embraceable You

Recording date: June 8, 1971

Piano, Leader – Ray Skjelbred
Cornet – Jim Goodwin
Soprano Sax – Dick Hadlock
Tenor Sax – Dave Clarkson
Guitar – Jack Knox
Bass – Jim Cumming
Drums – Oz Ramsey

Liner Notes – Ray Skjelbred




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