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Art Farmer - Three Albums (1968-1987)

Исполнитель: Art Farmer
Название альбома: Three Albums
Год выпуска: 1968-1987
Формат файлов: 192kbps cbr-VBR-0
Размер архива: Total 160Mb rar
Скачать с: Ifolder

Art Farmer Septet - Art Worker (1968)

This 1968 live recording by Art Farmer sounds like a studio session, though there is applause between tracks, which sounds artificially edited into the CD and strangely uniform from one song to the next. In any case, the music is potent, even if the origin of the recordings is sketchy. He leads a fine septet including trumpeter Ernie Royal, trombonist Jimmy Cleveland, pianist Harold Mabern, bassist Jimmy Woode, drummer Roy McCurdy, and saxophonist Oscar Estelle (heard on alto, tenor, and baritone). There are no liner notes explaining the origin of this music or to identify the arrangers, but the sound is excellent. "Stars" is an easygoing bossa nova featuring the leader's expressive flьgelhorn, while the horn players distort their sound in Farmer's adventurous "Eau Sovage." Woode's walking bass is featured extensively in Fritz Pauer's ballad "Gratuliere." Out of print since the demise of Moon, this historical curiosity will be of interest to Art Farmer's fans.
~ Ken Dryden

Label - MOON (MCD 014-2)
Recorded 1968 in Frankfurt

Art Farmer - Trumpet & Fluegelhorn
Ernie Royal - Trumpet
Jimmy Cleveland - Trombone
Oscar Estelle - Alto, Tenor & Baritone sax
Harold Mabern - Piano
Jimmy Woode - Bas
Roy McCurdy - Drums

1. Delphine (4.10)
2. Stars (4.10)
3. Erwagung (4.35)
4. Orientierung (3.56)
5. Eau Sovage (4.55)
6. Gratuliere (4.30)
7. Ala Nova (4.37)


Art Farmer & Jim Hall - Big Blues (1978)

Review by Scott Yanow
Flugelhornist Art Farmer and guitarist Jim Hall had had a regular group for a time in the mid-'60s but (except for one occasion) had not played together since, until this 1978 LP. This is an unusual effort for CTI in that it is a quintet set without added horns, strings or keyboards. Farmer and Hall are joined by vibraphonist Mike Mainieri, bassist Michael Moore and drummer Steve Gadd for two standards, the title cut and a jazz adaptation of a piece by Ravel. Since Farmer and Hall have long had very complementary styles (both being lyrical, harmonically advanced and thoughtful in their improvisations), it is little surprise that this set is a complete success. Pity that all of Farmer's CTI dates are out of print.

Label - CTI (7083)
Recorded - Feb 2-3, 1978
Issue - 1991 (CD Columbia (ZK-45220))

Art Farmer - Flugelhorn
Jim Hall - Guitar
Mike Mainieri - Vibraphone
Michael Moore - Bass
Steve Gadd - Drums

1. Whisper Not (Golson) 8:44
2. A Child Is Born (Jones) 7:40
3. Big Blues (Hall) 7:23
4. Pavane for a Dead Princess (Ravel) 10:50
Runtime 34:37


Art Farmer & Fritz Pauer – Azure (1987)

Review by Scott Yanow
Although the personnel listing mistakenly lists pianist Fritz Pauer as playing bass, this mellow release features his duets with flugelhornist Art Farmer. Pauer has been Farmer's regular pianist overseas since the flugelhornist moved to Europe in 1968. Together they perform three of Pauer's moody originals, an Austrian folk song and tunes by Al Cohn, Mal Waldron ("Soul Eyes"), Duke Ellington, Benny Golson and Tadd Dameron ("If You Could See Me Now") with the emphasis on ballads. A peaceful and mostly introspective release.

Label - Soul Note (121126)
Recorded Jun 25, 1987-Sep 10, 1987

Art Farmer - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Fritz Pauer - Piano

1. If You Could See Me Now (Dameron, Sigman) 4:32
2. Nighttine (Pauer) 3:58
3. Yesterday's Thoughts (Golson) 4:56
4. Blue Windows (Traditional) 3:19
5. Azure (Ellington, Mills) 4:15
6. Sound Within an Empty Room (Pauer) 6:13
7. Soul Eyes (Waldron) 4:22
8. Danielle (Cohn) 4:17
9. Song of Praise (Pauer) 4:03
Runtime 39:55



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