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Art Farmer - Blame It On My Youth (1988)

Исполнитель: Art Farmer
Название альбома: Blame It On My Youth
Год выпуска: 1988
Формат файлов: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер архива: 105 mb
Скачать с: ifolder.ru

This is one of the better Art Farmer recordings of the 1980s, which is saying a great deal, for the flugelhornist is among the most consistent of all jazz musicians. The two ballads that open and close this set ("Blame It on My Youth" and "I'll Be Around") give Farmer an opportunity to display his warm and attractive sound (with fine support from pianist James Williams, bassist Rufus Reid and drummer Victor Lewis), while the other five pieces (Benny Carter's "Summer Serenade" and more obscure material) add the great tenor saxophonist (and so-so soprano player) Clifford Jordan to the group. It's an enjoyable and very successful outing.

BLAME IT ON MY YOUTH features nearly the same band heard on Art Farmer's SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR, his 1987 tribute to Billy Strayhorn. However, the flugelhorn player and his group perform quite differently on this album, which was recorded just one year later. Presumably, this is due, in large part, to the more contemporary repertoire chosen for this session. In fact, for the most part, Farmer's quintet focuses on little-known modern compositions, not standards.
The most experimental of the tracks is the sly "The Smile of the Snake," which purposely falls apart during pianist James Williams's solo. Just when the listener begins to wonder where the song is headed, Williams's cascading piano glissandos return to the main melody. "Progress Report," a Williams original, is another tune that sees the ensemble in roaring, adventurous form, and drummer Victor Lewis's fiery solo brings the song to delightful climax here. Dreamy ballads, including "Summer Serenade" and the title track, round out the otherwise exploratory set.

01 Blame It On My Youth -- (Heyman, Levant) 7:05
02 Fairy Tale Countryside -- (Pauer) 9:46
03 The Smile Of The Snake -- (Brown) 6:01
04 Third Avenue -- (Jordan) 8:16
05 Summer Serenade -- (Carter) 6:16
06 Progress Report -- (Williams) 4:32
07 I'll Be Around -- (Wilder) 5:04

Art Farmer (flugelhorn)
Clifford Jordan (soprano & tenor saxophones)
James Williams (piano)
Rufus Reid (bass)
Victor Lewis (drums)

Part I
Part II


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Спасибо, Гига!smile

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Заглавная композиция в Blame It On My Youth - одна из самых красивых композиций с трубой, которую мне когда-либо приходилось слышать.Обожаю Фармера! smile up


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