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Arnvid Meyer's Orchestra - Right Out Of Kansas City (1959-1973) (5CD)

Исполнитель: Arnvid Meyer's Orchestra
Название альбома: Right Out Of Kansas City
Год записи: 1959-1973
Формат файлов: mp3, 320 kbps
Размер архива: 793.4 mb
Скачать с: turbobit.net

The Arnvid Meyer Orchestra was one of the leading Danish bands and extremely popular from 1959 to 1973. The amount of tours and one-nighters at which the orchestra accompanied quite a few American jazz greats, is especially remarkable. A couple of records with the orchestra featuring Ben Webster have been released and reissued.

A surprisingly large number of recordings have been unearthed for this set. Unfortunately, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation has saved but a fraction of the material it recorded and broadcast over the years. In spite of 20 years with Parkinson’s disease, Arnvid Meyer (1927-2007) contributed to most of the process of putting this box together until his death. He listened to all the music numerous times, and influenced greatly decisions on selection and editing.

CD1-1 If I Had You (3:04)
CD1-2 Gatemouth (1:05)
CD1-3 That’s When I’ll Come Back To You (2:27)
CD1-4 Bottom’s Up (3:33)
CD1-5 Serenade To A Lousy Backhand (3:31)
CD1-6 Sunset And Vine Blues (1:35)
CD1-7 Mood Indigo (3:39)
CD1-8 Lazy River (2:05)
CD1-9 Blue Light (2:55)
CD1-10 After You’ve Gone (3:21)
CD1-11 Honeysuckle Rose (11:49)
CD1-12 (I’m) Foolin’ Myself (10:05)
CD1-13 Undecided (9:00)
CD1-14 9:20 Special (5:04)
CD1-15 Sophisticated Lady (4:18)
CD2-1 Tickle Toe (3:03)
CD2-2 What I’m Gotcha (5:05)
CD2-3 Stompy Jones (6:33)
CD2-4 The Jeep Is Jumpin’ (7:40)
CD2-5 What Am I Here For (4:36)
CD2-6 What I’m Gotcha (6:19)
CD2-7 Alphonse & Gaston (3:16)
CD2-8 Tops (4:21)
CD2-9 Vic's Spot (3:50)
CD2-10 Blue Lou (3:00)
CD2-11 Tenderly (3:28)
CD2-12 Thanks A Million, Vic (3:01)
CD2-13 Stompy Jones (3:10)
CD2-14 Easy Money (6:00)
CD2-15 Good Queen Bess (4:05)
CD3-1 Brother John’s Blues (4:22)
CD3-2 Duke’s In Bed (3:00
CD3-3 Nancy (With The Laughing Face) (4:25)
CD3-4 In A Mellotone (8:14)
CD3-5 Sophisticated Swing (3:52)
CD3-6 Sunday (4:27)
CD3-7 One O’Clock Jump (4:21)
CD3-8 Onyx Club Spree (2:29)
CD3-9 Blue Lou (3:03)
CD3-10 C Jam Blues (4:52)
CD3-11 I Want A Little Girl (5:08)
CD3-12 Stompy Jones (4:40)
CD3-13 Woostershire (3:28)
CD4-1 Buck In Copenhagen (5:06)
CD4-2 Elephant Rump (4:55)
CD4-3 Higginbotham Blues (7:38)
CD4-4 Jada (5:29)
CD4-5 C Jam Blues (5:11)
CD4-6 Swingin’ The Blues (5:15)
CD4-7 Hi' Ya (11:12)
CD4-8 Stardust (8:44)
CD4-9 Alphonse & Gaston (10:37)
CD4-10 C Jam Blues (5:48)
CD5-1 Good Queen Bess (7:10)
CD5-2 Can’t Get Started (5:25)
CD5-3 Mess A Stomp (3:20)
CD5-4 Stompy Jones – Limbo Rock (9:34)
CD5-5 When Lights Are Low (3:00)
CD5-6 Hi' Ya (14:51)
CD5-7 Keester Parade (8:09)
CD5-8 I’m Fooling Myself (3:49)
CD5-9 St. James Infirmary (5:56)

Jay C. Higginbotham / Coleman Hawkins / Ben Webster /
Vic Dickenson / Don Byas / Bill Coleman /
Buck Clayton / Charlie Shavers / Brew Moore /
Harry Edison / Benny Carter / Roy Eldridge...

Full personnel and dates in scans.



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