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Alan Kaplan - Lonely Town (1996)

Исполнитель: Alan Kaplan
Название альбома: Lonely Town
Год выпуска: 2002
Формат файлов: MP3@320K/s
Размер архива: 131 MB
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1. Ebb Tide
2. Angel Eyes
3. Their Hearts Were Full of Spring
4. I Think of You
5. Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry
6. Only the Lonely
7. Nancy
8. I Fall in Love Too Easily
9. You'll Never Know
10. Emily
11. Night We Called It a Day, The
12. My One and Only Love
13. Lonely Town
14. Try to Remember
15. Don't Like Goodbyes

In the tradition of smooth, lyrical ballad players supreme like Tommy Dorsey or Jack Jenny comes Alan Kaplan with a program of 15 songs, 13 of them played with a lush string background provided by a bevy of conductors/arrangers such as Joe Curiale, the inimitable Russ Garcia, Bill Cunliffe, Tom Ranier, and Steven Bernstein. In addition, there are two bonus tracks scored for a variety of trombones and other brass instruments, much as in the trombone octet days of Urbie Green, with Kaplan playing all the trombones. Long a West Coast studio player sitting in orchestras that provided music for The Simpsons and Star Trek and backed up Barbra Streisand, Kaplan puts his trombone virtuosity on the line with this album of favorite standards. Recorded over a period of five years with some of the premier studio players in Los Angeles, Lonely Town brings back the notion of the romantic trombone, complete with swelling strings providing the cushion for Kaplan. Now and then, one hears deep in the background the jingling of the pianos of Ranier or Christian Jacob or the soft pierce of the oboe, the soothing English Horn, the flute, or the clarinet, giving the group body and dynamics. But when matched against a large group of violins, violas, and cellos, clearly their role is secondary. But even against the strings, it is Kaplan's highly stylized and quixotic trombone that takes the day. It's all very pretty, precious, and pleasant, and sometimes reflective. Recommended for when the psyche cries out for an hour of out-and-out lovely music, lovingly played. - Dave Nathan

All Trombones:Alan Kaplan
Arranger-Conductors: Joe Curiale, Russ Garcia,
Bill Cunliffe, Tom Ranier, Bob Alcivar and Steve Bernstein.
Violins:Joel Derouin-Concertmaster, Mike Markman-Concertmaster
Norm Hughes, Marc Sazer, Nicole Bush, Don Palmer, Pat Johnson, Peter Kent
Barbra Porter, Darius Campo, Armen Garabedian,
Rebecca Bunnell, Lianne Mautner, Edie Markman, Gerald Hilera,
Carolyn Osborn, Pam Gates, Bob Peterson, Robert Gerry.
Violas:Bob Becker-Principal, Janet Lakatos-Principal, Vicki Miskolczy, Rick Gerding,
Cynthia Morrow, Jennie Hansen.
Celli:Larry Corbett-Principal, Armen Ksadjikian, Suzie Katayama, Paula Hochhalter,
Jodi Burnett. String Bass:Dave Stone, Chuck Berghofer.
Oboe:Earl Dumler English Horn:Jon Clarke
Clarinet: Dan Higgins, Gary Foster Flute:Susan Greenberg, Geri Rotella
French Horns: John Reynolds-Principal, Joe Meyer-Principal, Stephanie Mijanovich
Piano:Tom Ranier, Christian Jacob Bass:Ken Wild
Drums:Joe LaBarbera Harp:Amy Shulman

Recording Date August 11, 1996 - August 1, 1996

Release Date January 3, 2002



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