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Alain Caron & Michel Donato - Basse Contre Basse (1992) re-up

Исполнитель: Alain Caron, Michel Donato
Название альбома: Basse Contre Basse
Год выпуска: 1992
Формат файлов: Flac (tracks+cue,log)
Размер архива: 235mb(+3%)(cover)
Скачать с: turbobit

Canadian bassist Alain CARON was already building his chops is cover bands when, at age 14 he discovered his passion for jazz. In 1977, he met guitarist Michel CUSSON, and became a fixture in the progressive fusion band UZEB. It was during this time that CARON, up to this point completely self-taught, was accepted to Boston's Berklee College of Music.

During his time at Berklee, CARON hooked up with many of Boston's top jazz musicians, and performed extensively with artists like Jerry BERGONZI and Bob MOSES, to name just a few.

After Berklee, CARON focused on UZEB again for a time befor, in 1993, starting his own solo career, which has led to tours with many luminaries, including Mike Stern, Frank GAMBALE, Bireli LAGRENE, Didier LOCKWOOD, Tiger OKOSHI, Billy COBHAM and more.

01. U Complete Me 3:48
02. Hold On 4:11
03. Between Our Worlds 5:08
04. Is This Everything There Is? 3:59
05. Hungry 4:08
06. Doubt Everyone But Me 4:22
07. You Don't Move Me 4:43
08. Still Making History 6:07
09. My Favorite Night 4:56
10. How'd You Learn To Shake It Like That? 3:57
11. Shadow After Dark 4:17
12. Calendars 4:24
13. Sexiest Man Alive 4:14
14. U Complete Me (Blues Version) 5:23

Alain Caron (electric bass)
Michel Donato (acoustic bass)
Special guest:
Don Alias: Percussions on Grand Cafe, Black and blue et Lower east side
Paul Brochu: Drums on Lower east side
Mario and Alain "Chepito" Labrosse: Percussions on Grand Cafe



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