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70's Jazz Pioneers - Live at The Town Hall, New York City (1998)

Исполнитель: Randy Brecker, 70's Jazz Pioneers
Название альбома: Live at The Town Hall, New York City
Год выпуска: 1999, 1201 Music
Формат файлов: Mp3, 320
Размер архива: 98 Mb
Скачать с: rusfolder

The '70s have been unfairly maligned by some of the more conservative jazz critics, but in truth, the '70s were a very creative decade for jazz. From the fusion of Return to Forever and Weather Report to the funk-jazz of Grover Washington, Jr. and the Crusaders, and the modal explorations of McCoy Tyner and Joe Henderson, the '70s were banner years for jazz. On March 20, 1998, trumpeter Mark Morganelli celebrated the richness of '70s jazz by organizing a special concert that was held at New York's Town Hall. Morganelli's idea was to feature improvisers who made an impact during the '70s, and those improvisers included trumpeter Randy Brecker, soprano and tenor saxman Dave Liebman, guitarist Pat Martino, pianist Joanne Brackeen, bassist Buster Williams, and drummer Al Foster. That concert resulted in this excellent post-bop CD, which finds the '70s jazz pioneers offering acoustic-oriented versions of '70s classics like Freddie Hubbard's "Red Clay," Stanley Turrentine's "Sugar," and Chick Corea's "500 Miles High" (all of which used a lot of electric instruments originally). Not all the songs were written during the '70s -- for example, Miles Davis' "All Blues" was first recorded in 1959 and became a standard in the '60s, while Herbie Hancock's "Cantaloupe Island" is a '60s classic. So one could argue that this performance is a celebration of the '60s as well as the '70s. At any rate, Morganelli deserves applause for assembling a group of fine musicians and overseeing an evening of inspired jazz.
Alex Henderson, AMG

The concept here is strange, reminiscent of those touring '50s rock 'n' roll shows with Dion & The Belmonts and what's left of The Coasters. Package five profound players-Randy Brecker, Dave Liebman, Al Foster, Joanne Brackeen, Buster Williams and Pat Martino, all of whom happened to come of age during the '70s and each a composer-bandleader in his/her own right-and have them play what amounts to cover tunes by other artists. The very name of the group is unfortunate. A single band name might've been more appropriate; certainly more evocative.

But getting past the stigma of the packaging, there is definitely some savory music here. The choice of tunes is a bit obvious but the players imbue these familiar vehicles with their strong signatures. Brecker exhibits some typically bold trumpet work on "Cantaloupe Island," "Sugar" and "Red Clay." Liebman soars dramatically on soprano on "500 Miles High" and Martino recycles all of his mind-boggling cliches on a burning "Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise." Brackeen's harmonically and rhythmically intriguing comping on "All Blues" spurs on some heroic solos from Brecker, Martino and Liebman on tenor.

Clearly, there is chemistry here. If they remained a working band it would be interesting to see what original material they could generate together.
Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes

1. Cantaloupe Island
2. Sugar
3. 500 Miles High
4. Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
5. Red Clay

Recorded March 20, 1998

Joanne Brackeen - Piano
Randy Brecker - Trumpet
Al Foster - Drums
David Liebman - Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
Pat Martino - Guitar
Buster Williams - Bass



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А сайту долгая лета. Фейсбуки приходят и уходят, а хорошая музыка остается на века, и клубы ее любителей вместе с ней.


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